How To? Covid Certificate Correction (Step By Step Process)

As some users are facing issues of wrong information in their Covid vaccine certificate, We have come up with a simple and easy-to-follow process to update any 2 of you\r wrong data in the Covid vaccine certificate.

Correction of Covid certificate is very easy and it hardly takes 2-4 minutes. Get your details corrected asap and travel the world without worrying about anything.

Things To Remember (Important)

  • You can update your data only once.
  • You can update the information only on COWIN website.
  • New certificate will be issued & that will be final.
  • You can update only 2 things out of 4 (Name, Gender, DOB, Photo Id)
  • Correction will be shown on final certificate

Covid Certificate Correction (Step By Step Process)

Follow these simple steps to get your certificate updated in few minutes.

(Step -1) Login To Cowin Website

(Step -2) Click on “Raise An Issue”

  • Click on “Raise An Issue”
  • Select the member, Choose correction in certificate.
  • Now chhoose the fields that you want to update/correct.
  • You can correct only 2 information.
  • Enter the correct information and submit the request.

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