($69) CrowdParty Lifetime Deal AppSumo

With CrowdParty you can create online games rooms that can be easily played while video conferencing and no extra download is needed. This platform is best for educators, remote teams, and friends that want to increase the fun in group games.

Make your team more comfortable with interactive, customizable games personally and remotely. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. But when team building leads to the worst situation this situation is no less than a nightmare.

Creating a team is more important than a hybrid workspace, but searching for a fun activity that everyone can appreciate, even they are not in the office. To keep active your team there should be fun activities. Your company culture needs a fresh environment like engaging games that can be played in person or remotely.

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CrowdParty Lifetime Deal Appsumo

About CrowdParty Lifetime Deal?

Be prepare to enjoy quirky attractive games while maintaining the technical pressure off of everyone involved, including your IT department. And the best thing is that CrowdParty’s is the web application so you don’t need to download and install extra things.

Players can connect through games online by scanning the QR code on their phone, using the game’s PIN, or opening the link on their browser. CrowdParty’s works smoothly with video conferencing like Zoom and Google Meet. All you need to do is share your screen, and you are good to play.

This platform creates it easy to host memorable, interactive events with crowds big or small, remote or in-person. With this amazing web application, you can quickly play games for a mid-meeting break, or you can add fun spin game in the classroom.

Whether you are playing with colleagues and friends, CrowdParty helps you to seize up obstacle for the remote work.

How CrowdParty Lifetime Deal Works?

Make your team engaging with lots of games available to choose from. Here you can play classic party games like Trivia and Charades, plus original games like Friendly Fire and With-Draw, even if you want to add some fun on your zoom meetings or an event.

You can quickly start playing just clicking on a play mode button, you can use CrowdParty’s featured rooms or create your own. Keep your team engaged with attractive group games that can be approached in person and remotely both.

CrowdParty’s games are fully customizable so you can maintain things fresh and boost productivity. You can also get a personalized game with custom branding and content, like adding your team fun facts and jokes about your company.

Planning a recurring game night? You can have personalized CrowdParty’s games with room maker. These games are fully customizable so you can personalize the experience for your team and keep things fresh.

Conclusion: Build your team together and work together. CrowdParty brings happiness wherever you are with fun and customizable games everyone can enjoy without any download and installation. Work can be turns out into fun.

CrowdParty Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($159) Tier 3 ($399)
50 players200 players 500 players
1 host(s)Multiple host(s)Multiple host(s)
200 rounds per game200 rounds per game 200 rounds per game

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