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Waalaxy is a powerful tool that lets you connect with your favorite lead sources to automate lead generation, messaging and response processing, plus monitor your team’s performance.

You can use Waalaxy to generate leads from LinkedIn profiles, by finding people who fit your ideal customer profile and sending them a message. You can also use Waalaxy as an email automation tool, to send out bulk email campaigns using the data in your CRM.

Waalaxy’s monitoring capabilities to keep tabs on the performance of your sales team, ensuring that they’re following up on leads and closing sales.

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Waalaxy Lifetime Deal Appsumo

About Waalaxy Lifetime Deal?

Walaaxy is a LinkedIn sales prospecting tool that helps you build the right lead list, schedule personalized messages over time, and follow up consistently to turn cold outreach into warm introductions.

With Walaaxy, you can generate hundreds of prospects per week with LinkedIn and email. It automatically imports leads via LinkedIn Search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or through a CSV file.

How Does Waalaxy Work?

Waalaxy allows you to Keep track of all the prospects you’ve contacted using your browser extension, and see how many of them have responded and viewed your email or LinkedIn message. You can see which actions they’ve taken, filter by their location, or add them to a watch list to keep tabs on specific people who are worth your attention.

It allows the integration of several LinkedIn accounts in a single interface, without asking your team members for their personal LinkedIn accounts. With it, you can manage all of your sales contacts from one platform without logging out and back into different accounts. You can streamline your sales process and accelerate your productivity.

Your sales funnel is an incredible asset for growing your business, but for it to work properly, you need to generate leads. The first step in the sales funnel is often the hardest: getting people on the phone or in the door. That’s where Waalaxy comes in.

Waalaxy helps you to build complex workflows and trigger campaigns when people comment on a LinkedIn post or visit your profile By using Waalaxy you can automate the process of capturing and nurturing leads from online sources, which will save you time and increase your productivity. You can also use it to build more engaging experiences and increase the time your brand is noticed online.

Walaaxy is your new way to find email addresses. You can search for verified and unverified email addresses, including recent acquisitions and online profiles, in just a few clicks. You can immediately put them to work for your business to send drip campaigns with personalized templates, track engagement and conversions, keep warm prospects engaged and convert more leads into paying customers.

If you’re an Internet marketer, a freelancer, a small business owner, or even someone wanting to get more leads for your agency, Waalaxy is the platform for you.

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