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The best Search tool that you need to sort through all folders, apps, and emails. Finding through folders, apps, and email accounts separately just to find one file can feel like a big task. And worst comes when you don’t remember the file or contact name, which makes your manual search more difficult. Curiosity allows you to safely search within all your folders, emails, and apps.

Search your apps and folder from one single tool and its saves a lot of time. It is a fully secured tool that keeps your data fully protected everything is categorized on your computer. This is the best tool for freelancers, project managers, entrepreneurs, who want a simple way to find your files over multiple pps.

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Curiosity Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Curiosity Lifetime Deal Can Do?

This tool automatically sorts files by the contacts attached to email accounts, which allows you to quickly check messages, meetings, and files that you have shared with someone. This tool also accepts organizing and displaying that linked with a company, so you can easily get what you are looking for even if you forget someone’s name.

You can also group documents by project and store assets from across your apps in customizable folders, thanks to the Spaces feature. Curiosity makes sure that all your data remains safely stored on your computer so none of your files, folders, and contact details are ever sent to the cloud.

Your data will be completely secure within Curiosity, so you don’t need to worry about your information is being sold and aggregated. Apps you add are automatically authenticated with OAuth 2.0, an industry-standard protocol.

From this, traffic switch directly between your device and the app you’re adding. All thanks to SSL Certification, your data is completely secure and encrypted while your cloud apps sync, and it is kept on your device so you can see it whenever you want.

How Does Curiosity Work?

With Curiosity you can find across all your folders, and apps with one tool only – everything from Google Drive and Slack to Notion and Outlook. You can easily find messages, files, and emails you can also search inside documents and scans.

You can also explore your browsing history and third-party websites like Wiki, Giphy, and Upvoty. Curiosity expands smarter over time and provides better results the more you use it. This tool does more than search. Its built-in search alternative allows you to begin the program just by typing their name.

Join meetings directly from your connected calendars and answer to emails you search for, saving extra clicks in and out of other programs. You can also use Curiosity command shortcut to create new documents and do math calculations.

Everything you copy clipboard manager saves it automatically, so you can easily discover and re-paste in other documents and messages.

Conclusion: What if you forgot an important file during meetings this situation is no less than a nightmare. But Curiosity can save you in that case by allows you search apps and folder on one single platform. Also, you can sort files by contacts and companies for easy recall.

Discover anything, even if you can’t remember every single thing.

Curiosity Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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