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Concluding an excessively anticipated product launch can be a major disappointment, akin to missing an amazing Black Friday deal. However, if your team is disjointed, your tools are fractured, and you do not have visibility into the entire sales process, you will not see results.

For this reason, you require a single platform that facilitates lead nurturing, content creation, and collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

Using AI, produce high-converting content and compile sales materials into a digital “content conversion hub” for sales teams. Create microsites, lead capture forms, and no-code landing pages to enhance your buyer’s journey.

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Distribute Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Distribute Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Establish a special “content conversion hub” to hold sales collateral and interact with potential customers. With the ability to mass-personalize information for your sales staff, why limit yourself to dull whitepapers and filler copy?

Utilize AI-generated content recommendations while overseeing your team’s content production to maintain brand coherence.

Distribute’s AI technology allows you to produce and test lead magnets much more quickly than you could with more sophisticated technologies. For your sales staff, use AI to swiftly produce high-quality lead magnets.

You believed that gathering leads was simple. Additionally, Distribute assists you in monetizing contacts, expanding your list, and nurturing leads.

Whatever best suits your marketing objectives, you can interface with lead generating systems like ConvertKit and Beehiiv! To ensure that none of your leads are lost, you may even synchronize lead data with your CRM.

How It Distribute Lifetime Deal Work?

Distribute is your marketing headquarters; with its top-notch lead magnets, it helps you boost conversions and manage sales teams.

With Distribute, you can create lead capture pages without requiring any coding, allowing you to launch your marketing funnel without the need to hire costly developers.

Using a drag-and-drop editor, completely customize your homepage with over 100 conversion-focused designs.

All you need to do then is click “publish,” and your material will be available for distribution on landing pages and microsites.Distribute material on unique webpages that you can quickly create without knowing any programming.

Give up wasting time on cold calls and stale email threads! Establish a digital “content conversion hub” of your own to bring buyers together and create shared action plans.

You can alter this digital area to have the structure, appearance, and feel that best suits your marketing and branding objectives.

This implies that you will be able to compile all of your sales collateral—from quotes to product evaluations—and keep it all in one location.

Additionally, you may optimize the buyer’s journey by analyzing engagement and sharing your exclusive URL with prospective customers.

At Last

Integrate with your preferred lead integration platforms to increase sales.

Opening up another dull whitepaper from another dull corporation is the fastest way to send someone to sleep.

Because of this, Distribute assists you in creating, developing, and disseminating superior lead-generation materials, such as whitepapers, microsites, and lead magnets.

Boost your sales efforts.

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