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It requires more than simply a compelling topic to run a podcast. If people are not actively listening to and participating with your content, all of your hard work in researching and recording is for naught.

Fortunately, there is an all-in-one platform that simplifies the creation, hosting, distribution, and analysis of your podcast, allowing you to build your brand without any hassles.

To reach your target audience, distribute your podcast on international listening channels. One platform to record, edit, schedule, and host an infinite number of podcasts.

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Hubhopper Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Hubhopper Lifetime Deal Can Do?

To make growth-oriented decisions, gather information about your podcast’s audience and listening habits for each episode. You do not need to download any software to produce and edit your podcast because Hubhopper’s online audio editor has all the features you need.

Just use the Android app on your phone or desktop to record or publish audio directly to Hubhopper. You will be able to view, alter, and rearrange your audio parts because of the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature.

To really make your podcast shine, you may incorporate sound effects, transitions, and background songs from the integrated audio library. Create, edit, and release your podcast in one location!

The best part is that an embeddable podcast player allows you to easily integrate your podcast into your website. This implies that guests can listen to episodes directly from your website!

Not yet got a website? From the Hubhopper dashboard, you can make a customised website that includes every episode of your podcast.

In addition, you may include links to various listening platforms so that users of their preferred app can access your content.

How It Hubhopper Lifetime Deal Work?

With Hubhopper, you can produce, host, and publish your podcast to all the major listening sites with just one tool. With just one click, Hubhopper enables you to share your podcast on popular international streaming services like JioSaavn, Spotify, Gaana, and Amazon Music.

To make it easier for your target audience to locate you, add three primary categories and one subcategory for your podcast. Once your audio file has been published to the site, you can arrange for your podcast episodes to air at times when listeners are most engaged. Distribute your podcast on international podcasting channels to increase awareness.

Get detailed statistics, such as total streams and total listens, on the performance of your podcast for both your programmer and individual episodes.

To improve your targeting, Hubhopper lets you learn more about your listeners, such as their location, preferred listening channel, and user OS breakdowns.

Additionally, you can export all of your metrics to a CSV file that you can refer to and share with your team as you decide how best to optimize your podcast going forward.

At Last

To share your podcast episodes on your website, get an embeddable player.

Switching between podcast tools only makes a process that is already difficult more steps. You are in luck since Hubhopper has a tone of tools that make it easy for you to record, edit, share, and analyses your podcast and increase your audience without hassle.

Release your podcast to the internet.

Hubhopper Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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