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DMARC Report helps your organization to improve email deliverability by reporting email domains that have issues. With access to powerful reporting tools, such as spam ID, phishing report and business metrics, you can easily determine the level of protection for each of your domains.

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DMARC Report Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What DMARC Report Lifetime Deal Can Do?

DMARC Report is a powerful and easy-to-use email security tool. Now, you can safeguard outbound mail to protect your sender reputation, as well as utilize robust filtering policies for inbound emails.

The DMARC report allows you to quickly and easily identify questionable emails that are in violation of your DMARC policy and take action to stop them from reaching inboxes.

It gives you a single place to monitor your email configuration, identify suspicious activity, and take action to stop non-compliant emails from reaching inboxes.

The DMARC reports can help you to identify who is sending email where, help you to prevent illegal and unwanted messages being sent. Overall, it provides a robust analytics system which helps you to keep track of all your emails, through multiple DMARC reports.

You can use the intuitive dashboard to report on robust analytics for your clients and your business, allowing you to securely secure multiple domains.

To protect your sender reputation, you can safeguard outbound mail and implement strong inbound filtering policies.

How It DMARC Report Lifetime Deal Work?

DMARC Report Dashboard provides enterprise-level analytics for managing multiple domains.Any DMARC failures for your domains are automatically tracked in DMARC Report’s aggregate and forensic reports. If suspicious activity is detected, DMARC Report will send threat alert notifications to any email addresses required.

The platform allows you to access incident details, email content, and email metadata to investigate the malicious IP address and resolve security issues. The platform also allows you to configure reports for different stakeholders and groups, so everyone can act on the problem immediately.

The DMARC Report also provides subdomain auto-discovery, so you can identify which DKIM records send emails for those domains.

By using scheduled updates or automatic warnings, you can quickly keep an eye on new subdomains and make sure security problems are fixed.

By using its MTA-STS protocol, you are preventing common threats from entering your inbox and encrypting incoming messages.

DMARC Report can be used to create unique data portals where clients can access your report data themselves. If you brand the platform, you can resell it to your clients under your company’s name.

With DMARC report You’ll have a birds-eye view of email activity for clients and internal domains and can keep track of new sending sources.

By providing comprehensive DMARC reporting, you can protect all your domains from cyberattacks. By using DMARC Report, you can protect any domain from security threats with robust reporting tools and real-time alerts – all in a concise user-friendly interface.

Those looking to monitor domain security and improve sender reputation, such as email marketers, IT pros, and agencies, will benefit from the DMARC report.


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DMARC Report Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($138) Tier 3 ($207)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
25 domains50 domains75 domains
75,000 emails per month150,000 emails per month225,000 emails per month

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