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Without the busywork, record meeting notes and real-time transcriptions. If you try to write down each concept by hand during a meeting, you won’t be able to write down everything and it’s not a good idea at all. With real-time and recorded meeting transcriptions, teams can stay on the same page.

To make the most of your meetings, Knowtworthy that you need a programme to handles all the busywork for you. Not only is taking notes tiresome, but after the fact, organising your team and turning everything into action items is a chore.  Manage agendas and minutes for meetings using a single collaborative platform.

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Knowtworthy Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Knowtworthy Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Knowtworthy produces meeting transcriptions in over 10 languages both in real-time and after the fact. CRM options are also abundant in Knowtworthy, enabling managers to create, assign, and monitor meeting action items from any location and on any device.

The system will automatically update as you complete tasks to keep the entire team on track—something an outdated notepad could never achieve. With every action item arranged on a user-friendly dashboard, you can spot obstacles and keep track of how projects are moving.

Utilize built-in management features to monitor the status of all action items on a single dashboard. Knowtworthy stores all meeting notes so you can keep track of significant judgments and agreements as your company expands. You can even search for meeting minutes that have been archived using Knowtworthy.

Find crucial information without having to rely on memory or wade through old records by searching for minutes from your archived meetings. The best part is that meeting minutes can be automatically stored in the cloud for easy access from any device.

How It Knowtworthy Lifetime Deal Work?

With collaborative minutes and real-time transcriptions, the meeting management platform Knowtworthy maximises meeting productivity. Knowtworthy makes it really simple to manage all of the meeting-related tasks, and it syncs up across all of your devices.

Instantly distribute to your team meeting agendas and minutes that are updated in real-time so you can keep everyone informed. To enable team collaboration, all you need to do is include a link to your document in the team calendar invite.

With shareable minutes that are updated in real time, you can keep teams in sync before, during, and after meetings. Knowtworthy creates safe, real-time transcriptions of meetings that are broken up by speaker, making sure that nothing is missed.

To copy-paste pertinent quotes and take team notes, you can browse transcripts alongside meeting minutes. To securely transcribe and review meeting records in the future, upload audio or video recordings to the platform.


You can’t rely on everyone to take thorough meeting notes it’s too odd now. Knowtworthy’s real-time transcriptions, minutes, and action items assist you in jotting down key points from each meeting. Hope you get all the information about Knowtworthy still if you have any query you can ask in the comment box below. Share this article with your connections. Thanks for reading! 

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