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Event management and registration for physical, online, and hybrid events. When the majority of event management tools are frustrating to use, it may seem difficult to launch your event. You therefore require an easy-to-use platform that enables you to conduct any kind of event, replete with registration sites and online payments.

Manage speakers, schedules, payments, and event registrations all from one simple interface. Utilize a ready-made self-service website where visitors may download tickets, see order data, and cancel orders.

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Eventzilla Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Eventzilla Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Enterprise-grade virtual, physical, and hybrid events can be hosted using the event registration and management platform Eventzilla. You can build a customized, mobile-friendly event website with Eventzilla that ensures easy registration for attendees.

You can publish a polished event page in just a few minutes thanks to the platform’s user interface. No prior coding or design knowledge is necessary. Simply add your event information, registration options, and payment methods. Afterward, you’ll be prepared to start taking online registrations right away.

Additionally, attendees have access to a self-service portal where they may see order data, download tickets, and cancel orders. You can quickly create a mobile-friendly event registration site with Eventzilla.

Broadcast livestreaming sessions or recorded footage for big events with thousands of guests as well as smaller, interactive events. Participants can communicate with you by using chats, activity streams, and polls. To participate while on the go, they can also download the smartphone app. Additionally, through the Eventzilla dashboard, you can monitor total views, conversion rates, gross income, and net money after each event.

How It Eventzilla Lifetime Deal Work?

View a summary of each event’s total views, conversion rates, gross revenue, and net revenue. Put an end to worrying about scheduling. The multi-track event agenda builder can handle both multi-day events and single-day events with several sessions.

With the help of the flexible schedule builder, you can easily plan live, online, and hybrid events because it enables many concurrent tracks and sessions. To provide your audience with much-needed information, you can even include session details like speaker biographies and locations.

In order to get insightful information from participants during registration, you may either share pre-formatted questions or create your own. Make registration forms with inquiries that will gather the data you require from participants.

With Eventzilla, you can use conditional logic to get detailed event data based on the particular registration type. From the Event Hub, you may stream on-stage sessions or create interactive breakout sessions to increase participation. Additionally, the platform enables over 1000 third-party app integrations! Using the integrated API, you may create your own integration as well.


Designing on-stage and breakout sessions in the Event Hub is simple with Eventzilla. Fortunately, Eventzilla provides you with all the tools necessary to handle live, online, and hybrid events, including registration websites and schedule builders.

Ace on any Event like a Pro.

Eventzilla Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($149) Tier 3 ($299)
All features above includedAll features above included All features above included
250 free registrations per month
($1 per free registration over the monthly limit)
500 free registrations per month
($1 per free registration over the monthly limit)
2,000 free registrations per month
($1 per free registration over the monthly limit)
1 user seat5 user seats20 user seats

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