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Grab Your Reviews is an online review management website designed to help businesses track, manage, and respond to customer feedback from review sites.

 The tool consolidates all of a business’s reviews from different sites into one easy-to-use dashboard, eliminating the need to search for each site individually. Grab Your Reviews offers a convenient way to collect, manage, and share feedback from multiple review sites. 

The tool also includes tools to help businesses track their reputation over time and identify negative reviewers so they can take action to improve their business.

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Grab Your Reviews Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Grab Your Reviews Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Grab Your Reviews is a free online tool that makes it easy for businesses to collect, manage, and share reviews from multiple review sites.

How Grab Your Reviews Lifetime Deal Works?

You can connect to more than 50 top review platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Airbnb, Booking, and Capterra. Aside from receiving alerts, you can track your brand’s performance online, identify trends, and identify new reviews.

Your company logo can be added to the white-label feature to make the platform fit your brand perfectly. Additionally, the platform allows you to respond to customers directly! We make it easy for customers to reach out to us if they leave negative reviews.

With Grab Your Reviews you can decide whether to post or suppress bad reviews, depending on whether you’re looking to promote your best qualities or gain trust. Additionally, Grab Your Reviews enables you to disqualify customer reviews that are text-only or have star ratings that are too low.

You can make it simpler for clients to provide feedback at any time by setting up personalised email and SMS funnels. A series of emails or texts can be used to invite various consumers to submit feedback.

To change your email and SMS templates, simply set the time, date, and frequency of your messages and follow-ups.

If you want to build a brand that your customers can trust, you need to use reviews to help you. Grab your Review make it easy for you to collect and display reviews. This way, you can show your customers that you’re a credible source and build your own reputation.

If you’re looking for a tool that makes it easy to collect and display reviews from over 50 top review platforms, then you should consider Grab Your Reviews.


 Hope you got all the details of grab your review if you have any query or doubt you can ask in the comment box.

Grab Your Reviews Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($139) Tier 3 ($209)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
30 total SMS credits per month
(US and CA only)
100 total SMS credits per month
(US and CA only)
300 total SMS credits per month
(US and CA only)
5 review platforms10 review platformsUnlimited review platforms

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