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It should not feel like you are making up a party game at the party to try to get your audience interested.  The simple fact is that you do not have enough time to create engaging, interactive activities that draw customers to your establishment.

If only there was, a platform for creating gamified content that was powered by AI and could increase lead generation and sales. It is simple to make interactive content, such as games, polls, and quizzes, to interact with your audience and generate leads.

Get over a thousand pre-optimized, editable interactive templates and designs to quickly create captivating content.

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GoZen Engage Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What GoZen Engage Lifetime Deal Can Do?

GoZen Engage is simple to integrate into your workflow thanks to its more than 50 third-party integrations. The best part is that GoZen Engage provides you with access to more than 1,000 pre-optimized, editable templates and designs that can be customized to meet various business needs.

Try different pre-made block combinations and add text, logos, images, lead forms, or YouTube videos until the content is what you had in mind. Even more, you may brand, colour, and logo material to keep your brand identity consistent throughout all interactive encounters.

Quickly get going with editable game, quiz, and survey templates. To gather audience feedback and increase sales, you will be able to create customized product recommendations, surveys, and polls. In addition, GoZen Engage offers thorough statistics and insights on user interactions, results, and conversions.

Get comprehensive campaign insights to help guide your marketing plan, such as clicks, impressions, and responses. Having access to so many indicators allows you to assess the success of your content efforts and make informed adjustments over time.

How It GoZen Engage Lifetime Deal Work?

With games, quizzes, polls, and more, GoZen Engage is an AI-powered interactive content production tool that can help you expand your company. The drag-and-drop interface of GoZen Engage facilitates the creation of interactive content, such as tools, games, and surveys.

Care to create a test? Simply provide the name of the campaign and a brief description, and the AI will produce pertinent questions right away. Every question can have pictures and videos added to it, and depending on the answers, you can even give participants customized recommendations.

Additionally, your works will appear fantastic on laptops, tablets, and smartphones because all of your content can be optimised for different platforms. Distribute interactive content that is mobile, tablet, and desktop optimized.

You can make more than 16 different kinds of interactive content using GoZen Engage, such as slide shows and pair games. Additionally, you may create dynamic calculators for your audience to help them make data-driven decisions, such as budget planners and ROI calculators.

To increase total contact time, step it up a level and incorporate gamification elements like leaderboards or challenges. Additionally, this platform integrates seamlessly with your tech stack thanks to its support for over 50 third-party integrations, such as Mailchimp, Zapier, and MailerLite.

At Last

Increase e-commerce sales by creating customized product suggestions.

Retaining more leads is as simple as rewarding a child with sweets when you use a potent content development tool. All the necessary tools to introduce engaging, gamified content that increases lead generation and revenue are provided by GoZen Engage.

Utilize AI to create interesting material.

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