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It will need more than just desire to see you through to the finish line when a course takes months to develop. Just consider the amount of effort involved: you must arrange materials, upload videos, compose lesson plans, design exercises, mark assignments, and handle payments.

What if a platform driven by AI could create courses complete with bells and whistles in a matter of minutes? Post your courses on school sites with your own unique domain that are white-labeled. Using this AI-powered platform, create new courses quickly, with videos, quizzes, and tasks.

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Unschooler Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Unschooler Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Post courses on school pages with your branding on them, under your own brand. With Unschooler, you can also add pictures or infographics for visual learners, make interactive tests, and write instructional guides.

You do not have to go through each exercise by yourself! The AI is capable of tracking student progress, calculating scores, and providing comments. Additionally, the AI can quickly provide thorough responses to queries students have concerning particular classes. Allow this AI to grade assignments, determine scores, and monitor student development.

The best part is that each day they will have a job to help them remember what they have learned and develop productive study habits for the duration of the course. With Unschooler, students may monitor their own development with a personalized skills map. By using these skill maps, students can also use the abilities they are learning to find new job possibilities.

How It Unschooler Lifetime Deal Work?

Unschooler is an AI-powered learning platform that builds courses quickly and with the ability to engage students and adjust based on their input. You may use AI with Unschooler to create courses full of exercises, tests, and videos, saving you months of preparation time!

Give the AI the topic, text, link, video, or YouTube channel, and watch in a matter of minutes how the content transforms into an entire course. You also will not have to start from scratch because your new course will immediately contain relevant Vimeo or YouTube content. Watch this AI create a whole course in only a few minutes, complete with assignments, tests, and videos!

You may publish all of your courses on a white-label school page that reflects your identity for simple organization. Titles, descriptions, summaries, cover photographs, and video courses can all be found on a one page. Even using a custom domain is possible. With Unschooler, you may start courses without going over budget by inviting students and creators at no additional cost.

At Last

Students get access to a customized skills map that suggests alternative career routes.

AI can help you start a course in minutes, even though Rome was not built in a day. Use the potent AI of Unschooler to turn any information into online courses that can be launched in a matter of minutes.

Educate with expertise.

Unschooler Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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All features above included

All features above included
20 courses (limit is for generated courses)50 courses (limit is for generated courses)100 courses (limit is for generated courses)
7% payments commission (including Stripe)5% payments commission (including Stripe)3% payments commission (including Stripe)

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