($98) Hexomatic Lifetime Deal AppSumo: Data Extraction & Workflow Automation

Hexomatic is a no-code platform that helps you to build workflow work automation processes for your needs. Hexomatic is a powerful automation tool for data extraction, which doesn’t require any coding. This tool helps in extracting content online that can be useful for your whole reach campaigns or targeting your prospects.

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Hexomatic Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal (Features)

What is Hexomatic? It is a no-code platform. Basically, it gives you a set of processes where you can use that to build out the workflow you want for the sites you want. It is a complete solution to execute your project from research out. Usually, automation will help you to perform tasks faster and more accurately.

It is a forward sales prospecting platform that helps you find your prospect social profiles and email addresses of any industry. It’s a perfect solution to execute your page process from research to outreach.

If you are running a business then is the perfect platform for you, there is no coding, no hiring just like the style books you can put together to create your perfect workflow to automate repetitive tasks and so your team can focus on higher-value work that is really important.

How Does Hexomatic Works? 

There are two types of automation. One is called premium automation. Another one is a pre-built in automation, which means that they don’t require or need to use any third-party API. So these are pre-built within the software.

When it’s premium automation that means it’s going to use a third-party data source API or generally any automation flow associated with that particular one, which generally requires more detail or more preparation.

Premium automation is an add on cost. Even though you buy a lifetime deal still premium automation are not available in your lifetime. You might get a few free but that is a one-time credit. For anything extra, you need to pay for it. Sit starts with 4.9 $ you will get 50 credits that mean 50 automation.

 From a recipient you can even scrap an email id keep that data into Google as their own data source leverages, readymades Automator to scale time-consuming tasks, escape any website, find targeted leads and the data

Hexomatic is an automation tool with no code data extraction and workflow automation. If you’re trying to find and combine information from different places at scale like data entry finding prospects, researching contact details marketing and research task. 

Here you can create your own boards in minutes to trade data from any website. So if you want to use this tool so you can start for free. With this free plan, you can export to CSV and Google Sheet notification to telegraph scale email, get access to all community automation recipes right if you will go with their paid plans so they have three bids plus bronze silver and gold if you will go with the bronze plan so you have to pay $20 monthly 

If you will go with a silver plan so you have to pay $41 monthly if you will go with a gold plan so you have to pay at 82.5$. And also they are giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So you can automate the entire platform that you are using continuously. They are also giving you training so you can watch all these videos and after that, you will be able to use this tool comfortably.

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($98)Tier 2 ($196)Tier 3 ($294)
All Silver Plan featuresAll Gold Plan featuresAll Gold Plan features
4,500 automation credits per month10,000 automation credits per month15,000 automation credits per month
10 simultaneous running workflowsUnlimited simultaneous running workflowsUnlimited simultaneous running workflows

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