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The pain of manually writing out code is compounded by the realisation that it doesn’t even run.You
must create internal programmes to support your particular business demands, but let’s face it: there
aren’t many accessible developers.

ILLA Cloud is a low-code, open-source platform that could take your precise data needs and provide the necessary SQL code. Use the ILLA Cloud Builder to collaborate, co-edit, and communicate with your team for more efficient operations. Give specific details about your data needs in the language of your choice, and receive AI-generated SQL statements in a matter of seconds.

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ILLA Cloud Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What ILLA Cloud Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Through the ILLA Cloud Builder, collaborate in real time with other developers. You can create any app with custom JavaScript statements for calling and data manipulation using the template syntax provided by ILLA Cloud.

More customization desired. To programme and call the data yourself, manually insert the code in the transformer. Aside from that, you will have access to pre-made components that you can drag and drop to create front-end web interfaces. To quickly generate unique JavaScript statements, use the template syntax!

The best part is that you may add actions to a sequence of user events because ILLA Cloud can interact with any data source. You can start using your data right away after selecting your integration and entering your credentials. Furthermore, the platform supports REST API, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and other database and API connections.

How It ILLA Cloud Lifetime Deal Work?

A low-code, open-source development platform called ILLA Cloud advantages AI to speed up the
creation and deployment of internal apps. You and your developers can create internal apps for your
company, such as dashboards, admin panels, and processes, with the help of ILLA Cloud.
To generate AI-generated code, all you need to do is define the SQL query you wish to use.

Additionally, you can use the platform to execute SQL statements. In this manner, you will be able to determine whether it is functioning or not right away!

Enter your query or statement, and artificial intelligence will create the precise SQL command you
require. With the help of the ILLA Cloud builder, developers may work together, co-edit, and
communicate at the same time.

Speaking of efficient processes, multiple team members can collaborate on the same canvas and
monitor changes in real time. In addition, you will have the authority to set access rights and choose
which teammates can use the platform.


Connect to popular databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB using their APIs.Building
internal apps shouldn’t take a long time, unlike waiting for the upcoming season of Stranger Things.
You are in luck since ILLA Cloud makes it easy for you to create internal apps using AI-generated SQL
statements and open-source integrations with any data source.

Reduce development time by 50%.

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