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If your overflowing inbox has taught you anything, it is that email marketing is still the most effective
strategy for expanding your company. Although templates could speed up your writing, not every
situation is covered by them, and adding additional writing tools can disrupt your workflow.

To develop campaigns that earn clicks, you need an AI-powered Chrome extension and email wizard,
regardless of whether you work in marketing, sales, or customer care. Optimize your email advertising initiatives and integrate them with top CRM systems. Using an AI-powered Chrome extension, create customer-focused email campaigns in a matter of minutes.

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Klynk Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Klynk Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With tone settings and up to five keywords, you may customize your emails. You can pick from premade follow-up sequences that are intended to turn random online strangers into brand-new clients. Klynk provides follow-ups that are customized for various campaign types, enabling you to use calls to action to promote action and conversions.

You may tell your audience to sign up for demonstrations or click through to schedule a call with a
member of your team, for instance. Add calls to action to your follow-up sequences to increase

Klynk enables you to incorporate this technology into your current workflows to make campaign
administration completely effortless. To automatically collect data and quickly build up multi-channel
outreach, you can push content to your emailing systems.
You may combine this application with MailChimp, HubSpot, Active Campaign, and other well-known
programmes that support your daily activities.

How It Klynk Lifetime Deal Work?

Klynk is a Chrome extension powered by AI that can create and automate customer-focused email
campaigns. Klynk offers a Chrome extension powered by AI that enables you to quickly and effectively design customer-focused email campaigns.

All you need to do to get started is respond to a prompt, whether you’re scheduling demos, gathering feedback, or signing up for trials. The specifics of your trial offers, like trial length, restricted features, and payment options, can even be specified using this tool. For any use case, create AI-powered email campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Each email in your campaign can be made more personalized by including up to five keywords related to your offerings and target market. So that you do not have to go back and modify everything, you may adjust the word count and tone to reflect your brand voice and style. With AI-powered templates, sending emails that connect with your audience and increase conversions simply requires a few prompts.


To automate your marketing, integrate Klynk into your current workflow. AI-written emails no longer
have to sound like genuine robots thanks to advancements in AI technology. Your email campaigns may be created with the aid of Klynk’s AI without losing the personable appeal that draws people in.

Add personality to your email marketing.

Klynk Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($39)Tier 2 ($99)
All features above includedAll features above included
750 emails per month3,000 emails per month

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