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Use a cookie banner to make your personal information safe. Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer to guide you through the complexities of online privacy law is out of your price range. If only there existed a platform that, with just a few clicks, could instantly resolve all of your data privacy issues without the need for any legal or engineering expertise.

Create a multilingual cookie banner that matches your branding and integrates without any scripting needed. Make privacy policies, control individualized data requests, and maintain compliance with evolving legal requirements with automatic updates.

With the help of the cookie banner Illow, you can quickly and easily bring your website into compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other data-privacy laws.

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illow Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What illow Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Additionally, you’ll be able to give consumers nine other ways to organize, consolidate, and manage their data, such as data deletion, data portability, and a full information request. Add more questions to your data request form to collect visitor feedback and improve the user experience.

Additionally, you’ll always have documentation of compliance for any privacy audit because illow maintains each consent in a thorough cookie consent log. With illow’s Consent Optimization Mode, you can select whether you want to display consent banners to all visitors or just those who are in needed countries. If your online business must adhere to the strictest privacy regulations, you can also block all cookies and scripts until the user gives their permission.

Also available on this platform is a CCPA compliance regulatory option, which enables you to display a banner just for California users without triggering laborious scripts or cookie restrictions.

How It illow Lifetime Deal Work?

You may use illow to display branded cookie banners that are additionally customized for each visitor based on their geographic location, browser language, and local laws. You may be sure that every user has the rights required by their local laws because all data requests are modified to comply with the user’s local privacy laws.

Simply copy and paste the code or incorporate the free WordPress plugin to make your site compliant with all data privacy laws. Language, colours, and positioning of your cookie banner can be changed to match your branding.

The best part is that, should the legislation change, Illow will update your cookie and privacy policies immediately. Additionally, you’ll be able to create, link, or attach your current policies to your banner without any hassle, offering you a more hands-on approach.

Utilize illow’s database of over 50,000 cookies to automatically categories all cookies, saving you hours of tiresome manual sorting and mind-numbing scrolling.


You can quickly make your site comply with privacy regulations with to illow’s all-in-one cookie banner and consent management platform, which automates privacy operations.

Develop trust online with Illow.

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