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Viima is the perfect solution to help you and your team turn ideas into actionable steps. It is an all-in-one innovation platform that combines real-time idea collection with feedback and collaboration tools to help you turn your ideas into reality. 

With Viima, teams can manage their innovation pipeline from idea to execution in an efficient and organized way. It eliminates the need for a middleman, allowing teams to collaborate directly, save time and resources, and uncover the full potential of their ideas.

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Viima Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Viima Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Viima is a powerful innovation platform that helps organizations streamline their idea management process. With Viima, teams can easily capture, discuss, and develop ideas, turning them into tangible projects and objectives.

 The platform provides an intuitive user experience and powerful tools to foster collaboration, measure impact, and track progress. 

Viima is the perfect platform for achieving your innovation goals. Its intuitive boards are designed to allow teams to collect and share ideas in a systematic way. With Viima, teams can easily visualize the ideas and feedback from stakeholders, which allows for a more understandable review process.

You may quickly obtain a list of all your boards, together with information about active procedures, campaigns with deadlines, and organisational difficulties.

You can also keep track of each idea’s use case, ideation process, and access privileges because each board is simple to personalise.

How It Viima Lifetime Deal Work?

The Viima platform has flexible boards that simplify idea management, helping you boost innovation. Viima’s flexible evaluation process makes it simple to prioritise and expedite your brainstorming process.

You can rapidly find the finest ideas with the aid of the automated concept score so that you can concentrate on developing the ones with the most promise. This enables you to assess each idea concept and ascertain its applicability to your corporate objectives.

Moreover, you can follow conversations, add files, and tag your coworkers on particular idea boards to make sure nothing gets missed.Viima provides a tonne of templates for all your ideation needs, from brainstorming sessions to kanban boards, regardless of your industry.

With the help of all your stakeholders, you will be able to put these ideation techniques into practise and bring ideas to life without stress. Also, the analytics dashboard provides you with a summary of your present situation, making it quite easy to identify bottlenecks and find trends in your data. Additionally, Viima allows you to capture ideas while on the road and connects with Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

Without a doubt, Viima is a game-changer for businesses that want to be more innovative and competitive. The software makes it possible to manage ideas and engage multiple teams quickly and efficiently. In addition, Viima provides tools like a live discussion board and a voting system, allowing teams to collaborate and evaluate ideas with ease.

 As a result, businesses are able to make better decisions and mobilize resources faster, helping them stay ahead of the competition.


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