Investro App Download By Dream11- Read Review

Investro app is launched by dream 11. This fantasy Investro app allows you to build your very own fantasy basket of stocks based on real-time stocks in order to score maximum points and win exciting cash prizes worth lakhs of rupees.

Use Investro App Referral Code “NWKJTE1PQ” to get exclusive signup rewards on a brand new stock market fantasy platform.

How to download Investro app?

The Investro app Dream11 can be downloaded from the official website or you can also download this app from the given link. To register in this application, you need to enter various details like Name, Email address, Mobile number, Permanent Account Number (PAN), Date of Birth, Gender, and Address. 

  • How to sign up on Investro App
  • Firstly, download the Investro App on your device.
  • Open the app
  • Then click on the register option to get registered 
  • Then enter your mobile number & Investro App referral code in the required field 
  • After filling in the details simply click on the register icon 
  • Then you will receive an OTP on your registered number. Enter that OTP and you will be redirected to a new page
  • Then enter your full name in the given field and save the name
  • In a few seconds you will be redirected to the dashboard
  • Now you can participate in the contest to play and earn real-time cash.

How Investro app works?

This app host various cash contests each with its own size, entry fee and prize money. If you are looking for a contest to play, pick one that you are interested in and defeat your competitors to celebrate big wins.

Here you find two types of contests- 

Uptrend Contest: In an uptrend contest, traders can make a profit from rising asset prices

Downtrend Contest: A falling asset price gives traders an opportunity to profit from a downtrend.

How to Play on Investro App?

Create a basket of actual stocks listed on Indian stock markets for a future session in the skill game Investro, where you can compete against other players for significant rewards. 

First of all, select a session where you can participate in two types of sessions, Uptrend and Downtrend. Positive points are earned during Uptrend sessions when stock prices increase, whereas positive points are earned during Downtrend contests when stock prices decrease.

Then you need to create a basket. There must be six stocks in each basket you create on Investro.

Select the basket combination according to the following criteria-

Sector TypeMinMax

You must choose a Superstar Stock and Star Stock for your basket after choosing your six stocks. The 

You will receive 2x as many points as Superstar Stock scored.

You will receive 1.5 times as many points from The Star Stock.

investro app free download

Is the Investro app safe?

It is safe and secure to use your Investro account. It safeguards your personal information. Investro also allows you to withdraw your winnings directly to your bank account after your account is verified.

How can I use the Investro promotional code?

It’s very easy to use the coupon code. You can apply an Investro promotional coupon by doing the things listed below. 

  • Start the Investro application.
  • Search for “My Coupons” on the menu.
  • To get the disc, tap on APPLY or take part in giveaways.

Investro App Contact Details-

If you have any complaints, questions, comments, or concerns, you can email Investro at

At Last

Hope you get all the information regarding the Investro app still if you have any doubts or questions mark you can ask in the comment box below. Also, share this article with your family and friends. Thanks for reading.

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