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Typed is a tool that automatically manages your files, increase your productivity. You enjoy keeping your notes structured, but there are way too several bullet journals. When you keep information between notebooks, note-taking applications, bookmarks, and Post-It notes, it seems impossible to keep track of everything.

Typed is a tool that made it possible to manage your data without having to manage a lot of tabs, apps, and folders. Apply an extension or mobile app to save your research, content, and anything else you want to read or use later. Use the Knowledge Network to compile and analyses the findings of your team’s analysis.

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Typed Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Typed Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Spend less time organizing your files and more time working collaboratively as a team using a results-oriented organizational system. While you work, typed automatically organizes the research conducted by your team into documents, allowing you to complete your tasks while keeping everything organized.

To keep yourself going forward, ” Taskify” each phase of your project. And after you’re done, put tasks and documents in the archive and immediately begin the next project without looking back. As you complete each item on your list, typed creates folders automatically to arrange your project.

Make sure you don’t lose track of anything when you’re doing so much research and gathering so many ideas. You don’t have to remember any of the thoughts or deeds that you and your team members took because the knowledge network will do it for you.

Additionally, it provides context for all of your team’s efforts and even offers suggestions for your next move. To ensure that you don’t forget anything, you can store ideas and research in the knowledge network.

How It Typed Lifetime Deal Work?

Typed makes your process simpler with features that automatically connect ideas, organize files, and even analyze insights. With Typed’s web extension or mobile app, you can save any kind of information from anywhere with just one click.

Use the web clipper to quickly capture data from any website you’re studying on, or simply save whatever you wish to read or save for later use. This is especially useful for long-term tasks like market analysis or corporate presentations as well as daily collaboration and meeting notes.

With just a single click, you can save any material you want to read later.  You can make workspaces with the Document 2.0 that are far more customizable than the usual A4 document. In order to avoid switching between a large number of open tabs, this makes it simple to handle all of your research and project duties in one location.

When you’re ready to share your completed work, you can create links that shares the whole of your diligent effort into a single document. Using the Document 2.0 feature, you can organize all of your research and project tasks in one place.


Typed allows you to save all of your team’s notes, papers, and references in Typed and use its them in a tidy, user-friendly workspace. Keep track of your research in one location. 

Typed Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($149) Tier 3 ($299)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
teammates10 teammates50 teammates
30 GB total storage100 GB total storage500 GB total storage

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