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Jupitrr stands out as an innovative AI-driven video creation tool, streamlining the process of generating stock footage and captions with just a single click.

This platform leverages artificial intelligence to automate the production of videos, offering users a quick and efficient solution for content creation.

With Jupitrr, users can easily generate captivating videos accompanied by relevant captions, simplifying the traditionally time-consuming task of creating engaging visual content.

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Jupitrr Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Jupitrr Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Jupitrr revolutionizes the video editing experience, making it as straightforward as editing a Word document. Upon uploading your video to the platform, you gain instant access to a complete audio transcript, simplifying the editing process.

Editing becomes a breeze as you can trim your video by effortlessly deleting text directly from the transcript. This intuitive approach sets Jupitrr apart from conventional video editing tools, providing users with a user-friendly interface.

An additional highlight of Jupitrr is its unique ability to generate pertinent stock footage with a single click. By merely highlighting any section of the transcript, users can seamlessly generate relevant and engaging stock footage, adding an extra layer of convenience to the content creation process.

How It Jupitrr Lifetime Deal Work?

Jupitrr takes inclusivity and global reach to the next level by automatically generating captions for your videos. This feature enhances accessibility for individuals who are hard of hearing or for those who may be scrolling on mute.

The platform offers versatility by supporting caption generation in over 20 languages, enabling users to effortlessly globalize their content.

Whether you prefer simple text or dynamic styles suitable for social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram, Jupitrr provides a diverse range of caption options, allowing creators to tailor their content to various audiences and platforms.

Jupitrr simplifies the export process by offering various aspect ratios, such as portrait, landscape, and square, ensuring compatibility with different platform formats.

Whether you’re creating content for YouTube videos, Shorts, Instagram posts, or Reels, Jupitrr has you covered.

A standout feature is Jupitrr’s automatic resizing of captions, eliminating concerns about awkward cropping. This means you can seamlessly repurpose your content for various platforms without the hassle of manual adjustments, saving time and ensuring a polished look across different social media channels.

Jupitrr extends its functionality beyond video creation, offering a valuable feature for audio-only podcasters. Transforming any audio content into an engaging audiogram, Jupitrr enables users to share their podcasts seamlessly across social media channels.

With a wide selection of design templates, users can ensure that their audiograms stand out amidst the sea of content in social media feeds.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, Jupitrr makes it easy to design audiogram visuals with customized brand colors and individual flair, allowing podcasters to maintain a consistent and distinctive visual identity across their online presence.


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Jupitrr Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($139)Tier 3 ($269)
10 hours audiogram video per monthUnlimited audiogram video per monthUnlimited audiogram video per month
10 hours AI video transcription per month50 hours AI video transcription per month100 hours AI video transcription per month
No Jupitrr watermarkNo Jupitrr watermark
No Jupitrr watermark

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