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Although they need a lot of work to put, together, personalized films are an excellent method to increase sales. You just do not have the bandwidth and resources to produce individualized movies at a large scale when working with a small team.

Imagine being able to film a video once, then with just a few clicks, personalize it for thousands of people using a platform driven by artificial intelligence.

Use a video background from the prospect’s website to add even more personalization. For thousands of viewers, use AI-powered voice cloning and lip-syncing to personalize any part of your video.

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Ubique Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Ubique Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Make a single customized video at any time you want. The best part is that all it takes to make a big batch of customized films using Ubique is uploading a CSV file with your audience information.

Make sure that the names of the columns and variables in your CSV file match exactly by manually linking each variable to its corresponding column.

After your movies have finished processing, you can import the video links into any email automation programme by downloading a CSV file.

With a single CSV file, make customized videos in bulk. You can integrate the video personalization process into your current workflow and automate it thanks to Ubique’s robust Zapier connectors.

This is incredibly beneficial for inbound sales teams trying to maximize efficiency. For instance, as soon as a lead submits a form, they can receive an email containing a customized video.

By importing prospects from a database and putting up triggers to start sending emails with a single click, you can also automate sales outreach.

How It Ubique Lifetime Deal Work?

With the use of voice and facial cloning, Ubique is an AI-powered video sales tool that can produce scalable, customized movies from a single recording.

Using Ubique to get started is quite simple! Using AI voice cloning and lip-syncing technologies, you may use this application to add personal touches to a pre-recorded video.

The programme will analyses your video and then provide a transcript that you can alter with dynamic factors like names or companies.

Your uploaded video will become a template that you can use to begin producing a large number of customized videos at scale in a matter of minutes. Create a template by uploading a file, then use it to create customized videos.

Using only a few clicks, you can create a single customized video using Ubique, which is ideal for one-time use cases like integrating new employees or clients.

Do you want to add even more personalization? You have the option to have a scrolling screenshot of your prospect’s website as the video’s background.

Additionally, you have the option of selecting two backgrounds and adjusting the percentage of the video that each backdrop occupies using a slider.

You can also easily upload your own video background elements, such as a little product demo movie, to use as an alternative.

At Last

Create numerous video templates and use Zapier to integrate them into automated workflows.

Saying someone’s name at the appropriate time has a significant impact, if Destiny’s Child has taught us anything. You are in luck since Ubique makes it easy to create thousands of customized videos from a single template video.

Be affable even in large quantities.

Ubique Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($99)Tier 3($199)
100 video credits per month250 video credits per month500 video credits per month
3 video templates5 video templates10 video templates
2 variable tokens2 variable tokens2 variable tokens

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