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Machine learning has become a vital tool in the modern world, helping solve some of our most pressing problems. One such problem is how to better understand the feedback of your customers, which is essential for building and growing a brand.

Kimola Cognitive is a no-code machine learning platform that collects, evaluates, and categorises client input.

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Kimola Cognitive Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Kimola Cognitive Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Kimola Congnitive, is pioneering the use of machine learning in the customer feedback space, allowing you to gather, analyze, and classify feedback in minutes rather than the traditional weeks or months.

 This allows you to take action on the feedback that matters most, enabling you to increase the quality of your interactions with your customers and ultimately build a stronger brand.

As a marketer, you’re always looking for ways to improve your marketing strategies. One of the best ways to do that is by analyzing reviews and other data about your products and services. Kimola Cognitive makes this process easy.

Kimola Cognitive provides deep insights into the current conversations and opinions about a brand, product, service, or topic on a variety of online channels, such as review websites, social media, and online forums. 

This allows you to analyze the current state of your brand, products, services, and topics, so you can build better marketing strategies. You can also use Kimola to monitor your online reputation, identify trends, and respond to reviews.

You can use Kimola Cognitive to get the competitive advantage by analyzing millions of reviews, products, and services to discover trends and respond faster than your competitors.

How It Kimola Cognitive Lifetime Deal Work?

You will be able to collect customer feedback in an anonymous fashion with the help of the Kimola Cognitive browser plugin.

By using the browser extension, you can gather data from supported online media to construct consumer review datasets, or “airsets.”

It’s also simple to categorise online interactions and analyse sentiment! To get started, simply extract comments from websites like YouTube, Tripadvisor, AppSumo, and G2.

Using machine learning models, you can monitor data like customer sentiment, hate speech, and other forms of public discourse using a variety of ready-to-use models.

In addition, Kimola Cognitive publishes new machine learning models on a regular basis, and keeps them up-to-date for different business purposes in order to meet the changing needs of the market.

As a result, whether you are a corporate professional or a social media influencer, you can take advantage of our solution to automatically classify consumer reviews and make use of those insights for your brand.

To better understand how consumers behave in unique situations, you can also create a custom machine learning model, which is derived from your own dataset.

Also, the platform allows you to curate the statistical model that performs the best for your dataset, so you are going to obtain the best accuracy rate possible from your dataset.

Kimola Cognitive is a comprehensive solution packed with a variety of features to help you gather, analyze, and categorize consumer sentiment in a code-free environment.


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Kimola Cognitive Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($159) Tier 2 ($299)
All features above includedAll features above included All features above included
100K queries (rows of data) per month350K queries (rows of data) per month1M queries (rows of data) per month
custom ML model(s)custom ML model(s)10 custom ML model(s)

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