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Use human voices to create multilingual, AI-powered videos and voiceovers. You can only afford to use your team members, even if you would want professional voiceover talent to represent your company. 

You’re better off employing AI voiceover software instead of paying for talent, studio space, and equipment, but all of your other solutions sound robotic and artificial. Synthesys allows you to having access to a multilingual platform with hundreds of actual human voices that would enable you to produce any kind of voiceover and video content.

With human voices and avatars, Synthesys is a virtual media platform that enables you to produce AI-generated videos and voiceovers. With possibilities to change cadence, add backgrounds, and change scripts, you may customize text-to-video or text-to-speech content.

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Synthesys Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What Synthesys Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Create videos with options for several languages, backdrops, and soundtracks for various audiences. You can transform your PDFs, blogs, and PowerPoint slides into interesting and highly customised material using the simple interface.

Even better, you can submit your own photos or movies to the Synthesys editor to create 12-minute long multi-slide videos. With this cloud-based tool, you can easily produce and modify voiceover content from any location.

You can add more than one slide to a video to make it longer than 12 minutes. You can broaden the market reach of your company by using Synthesys to translate your scripts and movies into several languages.

Producing cross-market advertising content or creating onboarding movies for clients and workers all across the world is now a breeze. Additionally, you may always make on-the-go content edits to reflect recent events or new product promotions.

How It Synthesys Lifetime Deal Work?

With the help of real actors and voices, you can quickly and easily create multilingual movies and voiceover content with Synthesys, an AI-powered virtual media platform. Find the ideal spokesperson for your projects by selecting from more than 300 voices in various languages, accents, and moods—or submit your own unique voice.

The cadence of the avatar can also be modified by adding pauses, changing the tempo, and checking the pronunciation. To help you find the perfect voice for your brand, Synthesys offers more than 300 voices in a range of languages, dialects, and even moods.

For text-to-video material, you can select from 60 hyper-realistic human avatars representing different languages, races, and ages. With Synthesys, you can easily build a scene involving numerous presenters and combine them into a single video.

Your avatar’s position on the screen can be changed to suit any project, whether an online course, a product tour, or a training film. Additionally, you may include premade soundtracks and backgrounds to any video to increase viewer engagement.


Any type of content, including training videos, onboarding films, or promotional materials, may be created by controlling every component of your video. All Thanks to Synthesys, which has a huge selection of human voices, avatars, and languages, you can easily produce professional-level video or voiceover material from your computer.

For any project, create realistic audiovisual content.

Synthesys Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($179)
All features above includedAll features above included
30 videos per monthUnlimited videos per month
100 voice-over downloads per monthUnlimited voice-over downloads per month

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