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Lindo Ai is a website builder powered by AI that enables you to craft custom-branded websites for clients effortlessly, eliminating the need for coding.

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Lindo AI Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Lindo AI Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Lindo Ai revolutionizes website creation by offering dynamic templates that cater to various niches. Craft website pages, compelling copy, and eye-catching images effortlessly, tailored to any industry, all within a matter of minutes.

The process is as simple as describing your requirements and Lindo Ai takes care of the rest, generating a fully developed website that aligns with your vision.

 Whether you choose to customize existing templates for specific use cases or build one from scratch, Lindo Ai adapts and evolves with your creative input. The more you collaborate with the templates, the more refined and personalized your website becomes, displaying the adaptability and learning capabilities of Lindo Ai.

How It Lindo AI Lifetime Deal Work?

Easily enhance your website’s content with Lindo Ai’s web page editor, driven by AI capabilities. This user-friendly editor empowers you to effortlessly add, remove, or edit items within each block, providing a seamless experience with diverse layout options.

Leverage the AI assistant to refine your web copy by rewriting existing text, addressing grammar issues, and eliminating unnecessary content. Lindo Ai ensures your messaging is not only impactful but also polished to perfection.

Tailor your website’s aesthetics without delving into coding complexities. Choose your brand colors, select fonts that resonate with your style, and effortlessly switch between light and dark modes—all accomplished with a few clicks, making the design process intuitive and accessible to everyone.

If you are Interested in offering this powerful solution to your clients? Launch your own customized version of Lindo Ai by creating a clone, complete with your agency’s name, logo, and domain.

This white-label approach allows you to provide clients with editing access to your branded website builder, empowering them to make updates independently. With a personalized touch, your clients can enjoy a seamless experience while maintaining control over their digital presence.

Worried about staying current? Rest assured, even with a white-label solution, you’ll receive all future updates as Lindo Ai continues to grow. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of hosting on AWS at no extra cost, ensuring a reliable and scalable platform for your clients’ evolving needs. Elevate your agency’s offerings and empower clients to take charge of their online presence with a tailor-made Lindo Ai clone.

Lindo Ai makes it seamless to integrate with your preferred tools, unlocking a world of possibilities for your website. Manage connections effortlessly and enable features such as live chat, analytics, data management, payments, and much more through Lindo Ai’s robust integrations.

Enhance your content with ease using embed blocks, allowing seamless integration with platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Castbox, Typeform, Tally Form, Eventbrite, or Airtable. This diverse range of integrations ensures that your website can incorporate multimedia, forms, and events seamlessly.

In addition, for those seeking additional customization, Lindo Ai provides the flexibility to add custom code at the global, site, and block levels. Tailor your website precisely to your needs, giving you the freedom to implement specific features or functionalities that go beyond standard integrations. With Lindo Ai, the power to create a truly unique and feature-rich website is at your fingertips.

At Last

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10 editor seats

25 editor seats

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