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Pulsetic is a comprehensive website monitoring tool designed to enhance online performance by providing a range of valuable features. This tool goes beyond simple monitoring, offering users a robust platform with multi-channel alerts, customizable status pages, and global performance insights.

Pulsetic stands out by offering a multi-channel alert system, ensuring that users are promptly notified of any potential issues affecting their website. Whether through email notifications, SMS alerts, or integration with popular messaging platforms, Pulsetic keeps users informed in real-time, allowing for swift responses to potential disruptions.

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Pulsetic Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Pulsetic Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Pulsetic stands as a website monitoring tool providing a range of features, including multi-channel alerts, customizable status pages, and global performance insights.

Pulsetic goes beyond basic monitoring by offering global performance insights. Users gain access to comprehensive analytics and reports, allowing them to understand how their website performs across different regions. This global perspective is crucial for businesses with a diverse audience, enabling them to optimize performance for users worldwide.

A unique feature of Pulsetic is its customizable status pages. Users can tailor these pages to reflect their brand identity and provide stakeholders with a transparent view of the website’s current status. This not only enhances communication during downtime but also establishes trust with users by offering clear and accurate information about the site’s performance.

How It Pulsetic Lifetime Deal Work?

Pulsetic provides detailed uptime reports with data from the past 30 days to identify trends and track performance across different regions. With Pulsetic’s port/TCP/ICMP monitoring tools, you can conduct robust port and network health checks to optimize network reliability. You can also pause monitoring during scheduled maintenance windows, allowing you to deploy website updates seamlessly.

Pulsetic enables you to create your own status page with logos, brand colors, a custom domain, and password protection.You can also send email notifications to customers about any maintenance windows or critical incidents.

Additionally, you can invite teammates to any project, share dashboards, and choose between Admin, Editor, or Viewer access, making it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

Keep your customers informed about your website’s real-time performance by displaying status badges on any page.

With Pulsetic, you have the flexibility to customize your status badge using no-code tools, but feel free to delve into CSS adjustments if you want to add a touch of sophistication!

Explore a variety of ready-made badge templates that you can personalize, including symbols, fonts, and brand colors, giving you the freedom to tailor your status badge to match your unique style.

Pulsetic simplifies the process of monitoring your website’s uptime, sending alerts to your team, and keeping your customers updated.

At Last

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Pulsetic Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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