($69) NeuralText Lifetime Deal AppSumo: AI Content Workflow

Automatize your content workflow with AI-powered research and generation, from idea to execution. Keeping updating the new and unique content is very important in search engine marketing. So your content can rank high in SERP. NeuralText is a tool that helps you to automate your content workflow without any hassle.

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NeuralText Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Features of NeuralText Lifetime Deal

  • Examine your SERP and other important insights from your organic competitors, including topics, questions, and outlines.
  • Here you can generate fresh content for your blog post, and other required content in Digital Marketing era using the world’s most advanced neural networks.
  • Boost your content performance in competitions. 
  • It Brief feature helps you craft content based on SERP data.

How NeuralText Tool Works?

Using AI NeuralText analyze SERPs and generate high-quality content. With this tool, you can create engaging and informative content that ranks higher in search engines.

Keyword research feature allows you to access search volume, trends, and competitiveness. It will give you keywords with high search volume and low competition. 

Level up your SEO by finding unique keywords and phrases for your content. Adding a cluster feature you can upload a list of keywords and identify clusters of similar terms to include them in the same content.

AI feature gives you content in a good manner and in an easy to read format. Here you can not only see your competitors content but it will also deliver a full list of questions that your audience is asking.

How NeuralText Works On Content?

Check how your content is measured in SERP. NeuralText offers a Content Grader that literally checks how your content is working.

Content Grader inspects real-time content, you can modernize your old content and increase your site’s traffic organically.

It also instructs your team to speed up and scale its workflow. With the Smart Copy tool, you can easily create the outline for your next blog article.

With Smart Copy Feature, you can generate text directly within an editor. You can also draft your content in a fast way with this smart tool.

For example, using the “blog outline” tool in combination with the “bullet to paragraph” tool can let you easily generate entire articles.

With Content Expander, you can create full-length quick content. Generate fresh content within a few minutes. NeuralText helps you to streamline your content workflow and creates the exact content that your SEO really required. 


Level up your SEO content to increase search visibility among your competitors. Content is king in Search engines. So, it is very important to keep your content up to date.

NeuralText Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69)Tier 2 ($139)
1 seats / users 1 seats / users
60 content briefs per monthUnlimited content briefs per month
200 smart copy runs per month600 smart copy runs per month

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