($69) SerpWatch Lifetime Deal AppSumo: Black Friday Special

SerpWatch is a seo ranking tracker tool. It is also a very known tool for their notifications and the screenshots it provides.  It tracks the seo rankings by monitoring keyword ranking and data cross-referencing that includes featured snippets, revenue and google analytics.

It is a most advanced SEO ranking tracking software which has a quiet interface that lets you focus on your beneficial keywords. So, if you are a blogger, then you need to consider like to bring traffic to the website so it helps to achieve your SEO goals

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SerpWatch Lifetime Deal Appsumo

SerpWatch Lifetime Deal Details

It is to get started and track your keywords with this web-based tool. Doing seo without tracking your keyword ranking is like flying blind. So it is the best tool to know your seo or backlink building methods are working or not as keyword tracking is essential for seo success.

Here you can add your project and you can add keywords. You can just write keyword suggestions to the location you can distribute this and write your own location. 

 it also has a client management section. You can put major clients in claims management. So when you bought it tool and you wanted more people may join. This will enable client management system into your dashboard

SerpWatch even guarantees accuracy with the screenshots to verify the data they give you. SerpWatch also delivers its own score that gives the idea of the performance of your targeted keywords.

With SerpWatch you can also integrate with Slack or zapier and get a daily digest sent to your mail. It allows you to take a closer look at individual keywords that is similar to the metrics you get for each project. 

In the revenue section, you can get the estimated worth of the organic traffic according to the ranking position and search word CPC, also with SerpWatch you can get insights to search feature rankings, including google images, paid ads, videos, and others.

One of the best things about SerpWatch is that you can integrate your projects with google analytics. This pulls out all of the data info about organic traffic in one place. So you can see everything in one dashboard without logging into any other accounts. 

Here you can also add your own notes to the charts for even more context. And you can automate your reporting process by scheduling my reports these can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. 

It comes with a cm that lets you manage all of your clients on one dashboard. It can be enabled with a single click and stylize to match your brand. Once you need to save these settings, in the dashboard that the agency icon will appear with a branded dashboard with all of their project info. 

So that your client can get the same keyword and project-level overview as you and you can set up their own notification. So it’s a great tool for all the marketers and bloggers out there

SerpWatch Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69)Tier 2 ($138)Tier 3 ($207)
4,500 keyword checks per month9,000 keyword checks per month18,000 keyword checks per month
2 client portals5 client portals 10 client portals
White Label White Label White Label

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