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When you run a one-person business, it can seem like you are doing everything at once. Along with handling queries, scheduling clients, collecting money, and collecting evaluations, you also work to maintain customer satisfaction.

Noodle is a portable AI assistant that could handle these chores for you so you could focus on what you do best. With just one link that you may share on social media, you can sell your goods and services.

Directly collect one-time and ongoing payments for your offers—without a PayPal or Stripe account. With the aid of an AI assistant, the mobile app Noodle engages users, handles scheduling, and sells digital content and consulting.

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Noodle  Cloud Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Noodle Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You do not need a payment processor to take payments directly for your goods or services. With Noodle’s built-in calendar, you can schedule calls to make appointments without having to keep going back and forth.

To avoid scheduling conflicts and have calls added to your schedule automatically, you might also connect all of your calendars to Noodle.

Furthermore, this mobile software permits recurring calls and payments, making it ideal for ongoing coaching, therapy, and other services of a similar nature. The calendar booking tool on Noodle puts an end to all scheduling hassles.

With Noodle, you can offer paid chats that are saved in their own smart inbox for asynchronous coaching or consultations. You can filter this inbox for unanswered messages to avoid accidentally neglecting customers.

You can respond in your chat conversation with video, audio, or text depending on what works best for your particular company model.

Additionally, this software offers a Broadcasts function that eliminates the need for pricey email marketing by allowing you to display particular elements of your content to both free and paid members!

How It Noodle Lifetime Deal Work?

You may use Noodle to sell your goods and services by including a single link in your email signature and social media biographies. You are going to be given a robotic assistant that can answer questions on your behalf. No more wasting time on tyre kickers or responding to messages at strange hours!

Even better, an AI assistant will research your offers to provide prompt responses to queries and suggest pertinent offers to increase sales. Allow your new AI companion to respond to incoming questions and suggest pertinent offerings.

From the main dashboard, you may keep track of your monthly earnings so that you always know how much money you are making. You may set up a wide range of goods and services with Noodle, including in-person services, phone consultations, and information items.

You may even take payments from customers via payment links so they can finish their transactions using credit or debit cards, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

At Last

With multimedia chats and an intelligent inbox, manage customer conversations like a pro. You will be astonished at how much your firm can expand on its own with the correct business management tool.

Noodle’s efficient payment methods and strong AI assistance make it simple for solopreneurs to offer digital material and consultations.

Scale your company alone.

Noodle Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($39)Tier 2 ($119)Tier 3 ($199)
Unlimited chatsUnlimited chatsUnlimited chats
Up to 30 bytesUp to 60 bytesUp to 1,000 bytes
Up to 16 broadcasts per monthUp to 30 broadcasts per monthUnlimited broadcasts per month

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