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An email and phone number search tool is useArtemis. It enables users to quickly find practically anyone’s contact information. This is where you may get contact information.

Find a person’s phone numbers, emails, and other contact information. The information it offer comes exclusively from reliable, legitimate sources. Use filters to find contact information, including firm name, job title, name, location, and more.

Increase the effectiveness of your outreach activities, gather and improve leads, and then launch multichannel campaigns using LinkedIn and emails. Create an email and LinkedIn multichannel campaign in just a few seconds by scraping the results of a LinkedIn search.

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useArtemis Lifetime Deal Appsumo

How to Use useArtemis?

  • Every marketing starts with finding the correct leads. There are various options with useArtemis. Launch our Chrome extension and conduct a search on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator to export clean data.
  • Create an email and LinkedIn multichannel campaign in just a few seconds by scraping the results of a LinkedIn search.
  • Utilise several accounts and your own custom-built sequences with conditions to contact your leads via LinkedIn + emails.
  • Automatically add emails and phone numbers to leads.
  • To measure outreach, launch a multichannel campaign using LinkedIn and email.
  • Make a report after analysing and tracking the performance of your campaigns.

How to export leads with emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator [2023]?

  • First, you need to install useArtemis chrome extension.
  • After installing the extension, you must perform the following actions:
  1. Search for anything on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Export the results of the search to Artemis.
  3. Boost the results exported Mind you, all of this happened in just three minutes.

Reasons why useArtemis is the best tool to extract and enrich your Sales Navigator leads?

Execution time: useArtemis may extract a whole sophisticated search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator in a matter of seconds.

Security: We give your account’s security a lot of thought. To avoid catching LinkedIn’s attention, our robots mimic human behaviour.

Cloud features: You do not have to leave your browser open when using useArtemis. Launch the extraction and go have a coffee; it will handle the rest! Everything you need to safeguard your account, including proxies, is in the cloud.

Quality of enrichment: UseArtemis not only locates the majority of your leads’ emails, but also instantly verifies them with an integrated email verifier. Bid adieu to uninvited spam deliveries! In the case study, useArtemis was able to locate 99 emails on 125 leads, or 79% of the leads.

useArtemis Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($138) Tier 3 ($207)
Unlimited number of listsUnlimited number of listsUnlimited number of lists
Unlimited number of exportsUnlimited number of exportsUnlimited number of exports
7,000 credits added to your account every month14,000 credits added to your account every month21,000 credits added to your account every month

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