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Orai public speaking app helps you build confidence and improve your speech with practice drills, AI-driven feedback, and social learning. Use the built in timer to track and record your progress over time.

Orai is designed to help people like you become more confident public speakers, the app delivers tips and techniques based on what you’re saying in real time, enabling you to focus on specific aspects of your speech as you’re delivering it.

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Orai Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Orai Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Orai is an app that helps you improve your public speaking skills with mini-lessons, practice speeches, and giving daily feedback.

You’ll get personalized feedback in the form of real-time visualizations and useful solutions to common problems. Orai is built on the belief that everyone can be an effective communicator if they are given the right tools.

Orai gives the perfect way for you to practice public speaking, no matter what your experience level. It offers multiple ways to practice giving presentations including a built-in library of speech samples, a script editor that lets you write and edit what you want, and even a voice recognition feature for reading out loud. You’ll be able to prepare for presentations and other events where public speaking is involved.

How It Orai Lifetime Deal Work?

Orai is a fun, educational app that teaches you how to become a better public speaker. With bite-size lessons, exercises to practice new techniques, and achievements to work towards, Orai makes it easy to improve your speaking skills with just a few minutes of practice each day.

Orai is designed to help you in your journey of becoming a polished public speaker through bite-size lessons and exercises.

The app’s training modules will benefit all levels of speakers, from those who are just getting started to those wanting to improve their skills.

It’s packed with tools and techniques that will show you how to improve your presentations, participate in meetings more effectively, and so much more.

You can record your own speech and get instant AI-driven feedback, so you know instantly how you’re doing. Orai integrates with Google Speech Recognition to provide clear visual feedback on your speaking volume, articulation, and pronunciation by highlighting areas of strength or improvement.

With Orai, you can easily monitor your progress. You can practice and revise as often as you like, without worrying about editing or saving. Orai automatically stores your recordings for future reference.

Orai is an AI-powered app to learn public speaking. You’ll have fun with interactive lessons, videos and exercises that will give you the confidence to speak up at work, in class, or anywhere

orai is a new way to learn public speaking and leadership that’s already helping tens of thousands of people around the world speak more confidently with their audiences. orai courses are designed to get you talking, to make sure you’re comfortable when you stand up in front of a roomful of people. Learn real-world skills that help you win debates, influence others, and make your work or cause better known.


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