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Grow your YouTube channel with SocialBook Builder. YouTube is most popular online video community, where millions of people can discover, watch, and share originally created videos. But it is not that easy to going viral on YouTube as it looks.

When it comes to its process you need to make a good video with unique content, upload it to your channel, and keep check your view count soar. But the fact is, there is a lot thing that you need to manage to do on the backend so that your video content can reach to people’s.

SocialBook Builder is browser extension which can helps you to make eye catching video thumbnails and get helpful recommendations for relevant and popular video tags. Keep yourself updated with your YouTube channel insights with competitor tracking.

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SocialBook Builder Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What SocialBook Builder Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Research right keyword can be a tough nut to crack. But SocialBook Builder makes it easy to find better keyword with Keyword Explorer tool. Just type a keyword check its search volume and competition score, with the relevant tags and trending videos.

Select the keyword with low competition and high search volume. SocialBook Builder also helps you to track your top competitors’ channels, with deep detailed overview of some factors to check up with your competitors.

Competitor Analysis tool can analyze your content against your competitors and will suggest some points to improve. While compare feature analyze deeply with per-channel and per-video statistics. This feature will help you recognize how you can enhance your content creation strategy.

With Trend Alert, you can get notify about trending competitor videos and keywords. So you can make advantage of it at the right time. With the right competitor analysis tools, you can identify your competitors and learn more about their engagement and strategies.

And the best thing is that, it offers inline tracking links to provide real-time performance tracking of your own videos. Competitive analysis is the most important piece of research you need to do before creating any content.

How It SocialBook Builder Lifetime Deal Work?

SocialBook Builder is a powerful extension that helps you to optimize your YouTube videos and helps you to grow your channel. Want to Make a best First Impression with your YouTube Videos? Then SocialBook Builder can help you with its easy-to-use thumbnail maker.

If you can point, click, and type then you can make unique and attractive video thumbnails that grab your audience’s attention. It provides numerous fonts, free stock images, and customizable templates to helps you to create stunning channel arts & thumbnails for your YouTube Videos.

You can design custom YouTube thumbnails in no time. SocialBook Builder also suggest tags that are relevant to your video content so your video can reach out more people who are searching for similar content and hashtags.

It makes tag management process so easy that allows you to generate different keyword tag lists with the click of a button. The tag manager also assists you to find content opportunities that you are missing out by auto-recommending additional tags to increase your video search performance.


If you are not getting the reach that your hoped for then SocialBook Builder can help you. This is so powerful and useful extension from crafting stunning thumbnail images to generate tracking links to generate channel insights without having permission from third party application.

Work correctly on your YouTube Channel.

SocialBook Builder Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59) Tier 2 ($118) Tier 3 ($177)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
YouTube channel(s)5 YouTube channel(s)15 YouTube channel(s)
Tracking on 6 competitorsTracking on 12 competitorsTracking on 18 competitors

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