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Automate customer onboarding with centralized, secure document management. You’d have much more success herding sheep than getting customers to complete their onboarding documentation by the deadline.

Parallel is a platform that you could use a safe document management platform to automate all the paperwork and build adaptable internal workflows. The process of manually enrolling clients takes far too long and involves far too many email threads when your back office team is doing it.

Make an established process for back-office operations and connect with Zapier to get access to crucial resources. Manage onboarding with pre-made NDAs, SEPA requirements, legal paperwork, and more in a safe client portal.

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Parallel Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Parallel Lifetime Deal Can Do?

If clients have some query or rejects a change then they need to post notes straight on the site directly they don’t need to send numerous emails back and forth. You can also keep your team at one place that include internal notes to keep everything organized.

Stop chasing your clients for documents and information! You can set up an automated timetable in Parallel to send reminders to clients that take a while to respond. Use built-in comments and automated follow-up reminders to reduce the amount of email you get.

Additionally, Parallel provides adaptable internal collaboration capabilities that monitor progress to assist your back-office personnel work more efficiently. Create an automated process that, whenever a project begins or a stage is finished, allocates tasks to particular team members.

Your teams may access thousands of apps by utilizing the platform’s API or Zapier connection to build even more reliable workflows. With Parallel’s API and Zapier integration, you can create intricate processes and distribute tasks to team members automatically.

How It Parallel Lifetime Deal Work?

By utilizing smooth document management, secure client portals, and defined workflows, Parallel enables you to streamline back-office onboarding. Using parallel, you will get everything that you need to streamline back-office onboarding’s to boost up your clients or customer base.

Start the process using customizable templates for processes like KYC requirements, NDAs, and SEPA mandates—or create dynamic checklists from scratch. You can still add your own form fields and create conditional decision steps using visual, no-code text blocks even while using templates.

All the necessary documentation and an introductory email are included in templates, making it simple to submit papers to your client. You may create your own form fields and conditional logic using dynamic text blocks without writing any code.

Customers can sign paperwork with integrated signature providers inside auto-generated client portals, that use two-factor authentication to secure them. Signers are guided through the entire procedure by Parallel, which also allows them to pause without losing their progress by using the “save for later” option.

You can download and save everything as a PDF file or ZIP folder once the documents have been fully executed. No more sorting through client files, renaming them, or looking them up. The client portal for Parallel automatically walks users through each conditional step and issue.


Parallel automates each step of the client onboarding process, making tracking process so simple all thanks to built-in comments and adaptable workflows. Grow your company with Parallel without experiencing growth pains.

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