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For any project, make professional timetables and roadmaps in no time. When you are planning your project hardest part shouldn’t be creating your project timeline. You require a simple to use application that enables you to quickly build clear visual timelines and roadmaps. Preceden is here to save your life and work both.

It can be tough to design presentation visuals that won’t leave your team and stakeholders scratching their heads because so many project management software is packed with pointless features. With a simple web interface, create visual timelines and roadmaps. 

To help your employees work together, create flexible dependencies, milestones, and event durations. A web-based tool called Preceden allows you to generate expert project roadmaps and timelines.

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Preceden Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Preceden Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You can make connections to quickly explain how important objects are related to one another as well as dependencies that quickly change when events are completed. If you’re picturing a marketing strategy or a scope of work, set successful project durations, start times, and milestones.

Plus, using advanced features like completion bars and percentages makes it much easier to keep your team up to date. With Preceden, you can integrate your timeline on your website or share it as a link with customizable permissions.

For online meetings, you can even display your timeline in Presentation Mode without exiting Preceden’s website. Additionally, you can export your timeline in a variety of file formats, including PDF, PNG, Excel, and PowerPoint slides, if you’d prefer to share it as a file.

How It Preceden Lifetime Deal Work?

Using Preceden, you can quickly create a professional timeline visualization for any project using an intuitive interface. Just add key events to your timeline and the programme will create a fantastic visualization for you automatically.

Then, group those events into layers to keep your timeline organized by team member or department. You may simply design your project timelines using Preceden using templates or from scratch. With just a few menus and settings, Preceden makes it simple to personalise the look and feel of your timeline.

You can also make changes to the colors, fonts, and date formats to match your company branding. Additionally, you may use your company logo to further accentuate your chronology as a professional. Customize the timeline’s appearance by using your own colours, fonts, and branding.


Preceden makes it simple to create and distribute high-quality timetables and roadmaps, keeping your team on the same page and your stakeholders informed. Hope you get all the information regarding Preceden still if you have any query you can ask in the comment box below. Share this article with your connection. 

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