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Screpy is an SEO and web analysis tool that actually goes ahead scrapes your website and tells you everything that you need to know. Now the best thing about screpy is it’s simple and easy to understand. 

There are a lot of other tools on the internet that are very complex and confusing. So if you are someone who’s either a beginner or you just want to keep an eye on your websites and how things are going then this particular tool is right for you.

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Screpy Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What is Screpy Lifetime Deal & How does it work?

Screpy is an AI-based SEO and analysis tool, which will help you to get everything that one SEO person needs. It is a very simple and easy to use tool. And once you have integrated your website into screpy you can see everything about your website. You will get pretty beneficial results over here. 

It is very powerful and very effective for those who don’t know a lot about SEO and rank their websites. And the great thing is that it peforms1000s of different checks on your website. 

At screpy, you can have 10 websites, which is usually more than enough for most people. So it’s a very powerful tool. If you want to add projects, for adding the project you just need to keep a name for reference on the dashboard. And the domain URL of your project 

. And once you add your project at screpy, its start to actually analyse the website. And you can see a lot of information on the dashboard here too. So there are a lot of things you can see that needs improvement. 

You can see each and everything such as seo statistics, page speed, canonical issues, content ratio structured data and security as well. So it really depends from page to page. So in this way you can just minimize all your mistakes and errors, which will help you rank your website much upper the more your website drag and the more conversion. 

If you really go deep into this, this tool will really help you to fix all the issues and if you do that your website will be ranking higher and you can see it will increase your chances to grow 

So if you’re just focusing on the task of optimization on your website, you can just go with this tool here. This tool represents a unique and personal report for each of my pages. With screpy, you can really go and check each of the pages of your website. 

SEO should be a focus for all companies and individuals who have a website. So this AI helping tool works for you to optimize your ranking, providing the solution at one platform for the technical SEO. It will really save you time by providing simple to understand SEO reports to fix the on-page issues.

Conclusion: Hope you have got all the details of the screpy tool. If you have any query you can ask us in the comment box

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