($69) SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal AppSumo: PPC Campaigns & Keyword Research

SpeedPPC is a campaign building tool that helps you to increase your conversion rate rollout target PPC and campaigns that increase conversion and decrease pay per click campaign

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SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What is Speed PPC?

If you think PPC marketing costs you high due to competition, then SpeedPPC helps solve these problems by letting you tap into highly targeted low-cost traffic that was previously unavailable due to the massive amount of time it normally takes to build these campaigns. Speed PPC does this by working like a driftnet capitalising on the billions of highly targeted yet less popular keywords.

SpeedPPC is the best platform for building and managing effective campaigns while keeping tabs on your competitor and saving your ad budget. Here at SpeedPPC tool, you will find an easy interface and a range of tools to manage multiple ad campaigns simulators. 

You can use keyword research tools to create relevant keyword sets and save them for use within your campaign. Whether you are working with keywords, negative keywords or go from there, you will be able to build targeted ad campaigns that perfectly match the keyword people search which was click through rates.

How does SpeedPPC Works?

SpeedPCC helps to create ad groups that are 100% focused and relevant to the original keyword. No matter how many keywords you feed into the system by Bill campaigns as a tightly focused ad group structure speed PPC also helps lower your because with improved quality score, saving you even more money

It helps in increasing the relevancy of your ad campaign and landing pages with the help of its dynamic insertion features. SpeedPPC uses the reference which includes campaign name, ad group name specific keywords, their combinations and match types. 

This increases the chance of a click-through as well as pampers your quality scores automatically to your ads for each keyword. In the same way. You can also include these tokens in your destination URLs to insert into your landing page. 

You have landing pages that are super relevant in the eyes of a search engine, resulting in higher conversions and profit. No matter you’re targeting 10 or 10,000 keywords, the outcomes will be the same with 100% relevancy from keywords that you added to a landing page. 

You can automate your businesses with the help of this tool. If you want to run targeted pay per click campaigns that you can create within minutes with the help of the SpeedPPC tool.

If you will go with a popular plan so you have to pay $69 monthly and if you will go with a PPC agency plan for you have to pay 190 monthly and you will get all the benefits. And also they are giving you 60 days’ money-back guarantee with this tool. if you will go with this tool you can increase your conversion and decrease your cost per click rate.

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SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69)Tier 2 ($139)Tier 3 ($299)
1 admin per account1 admin per account1 admin per account
1,000 lifetime research credits (one credit = one report)5,000 lifetime research credits (one credit = one report)15,000 lifetime research credits (one credit = one report)
1 user(s)5 user(s)25 user(s)

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