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To establish a recognizable brand, you must maintain consistency on all of your social media accounts. Although all platforms have their own formats and trends, you do not want to take the chance of alienating your clientele by telling different stories about your business on each one.

If only there was, a platform driven by AI that made it simple to create content that effectively tells the distinct story of your business across all platforms.

Throughout the content development process, collaborate with team members and outside collaborators without difficulty. Make material that is specific to the objectives, tenor, slogans, hues, and archetype of your brand.

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STORI Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What STORI Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Create AI-generated layouts, text, slogans, and photos with ease. With its ability to create content and text tailored to particular social media sites, STORI can help your material connect with various audience segments.

This implies that you may create polished content for LinkedIn and interesting, informal content for Facebook or Instagram, all while telling the same brand story.

Quickly producing eye-catching graphic material can free up more time for you to evaluate the outcomes and tweak your marketing plan. With only a few clicks, create posts on social media that are tailored for a certain platform.

Working together with team members and outside contributors to create on-brand assets is also made simple using STORI. Without leaving the platform, schedule and post material to several social media profiles using the content calendar.

The appropriate audience will definitely see your brand’s posts if you just link your social media accounts.

How It STORI Lifetime Deal Work?

With STORI, an AI-powered platform for content production, you can create content for a variety of channels and establish a unified brand identity. So that you do not lose time, attempting to select on your own, STORI automatically suggests logos and colors that reflect the essence of your company.

With an AI-generated purpose, vision, and values that you can further modify to suit your tastes, defining your brand identity is simple. You will also be able to specify the general tone and message of your content because this platform has the ability to examine your target audience, groups, and personas. Establish your brand’s guiding principles, which should include your identity, target market, voice, and color scheme.

Your AI-generated brand identity does not satisfy you. Until its ideal, you can modify the prompt and refresh your identity. AI can create infographics, photographs, and images for you automatically, saving you the trouble of creating materials from scratch.

The best part is that STORI can produce social media postings for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (previously Twitter) very quickly.


Work together with your group and outside partners to produce excellent content for many platforms.

Creating your brand identity from scratch in 2023 is as sensible as creating a chocolate treat from scratch.For this reason, STORI provides all the tools you require to establish a distinctive brand identity and produce content that engages users on various social media platforms.

Maximize your brand’s potential.

STORI Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($39)Tier 2 ($79)Tier 3 ($129)
1 brand(s)5 brand(s)10 brand(s)
4 connected social accountsconnected social accounts16 connected social accounts
10 GB content storage25 GB content storage50 GB content storage

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