($59) Vidstep Lifetime Deal – Step-by-Step Instructional Product Demo Videos

Fixed and Stable images may work for trade clothing but when it comes to complex products showcasing images not works there.

When your retail e-commerce product is out of the box you need to show and display its functionality to make it easy for your customers to follow the process. 

Vidstep app is useful to make instructional video content that can be accessible and easy to understand to accomplished a task.

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Vidstep Lifetime Deal

Uses of Vidstep

  • It creates How-to video content in an easy way. 
  • Here you can place QR codes, embeds links, and URLs at the exact time and place they’re needed.
  • Make product demo videos, micro-courses, sales demos videos that may be helpful for your business. 
  • This application comes with all the required permission and sharing controls. 

Turn your basic video into step-by-step instructional guides without any hustle and editing skills. If you are wondering about how Vidstep works? It is quite an easy and simple process. 

Upload your existing video or create a screen recording within Vidstep. After that, add your steps, product description, and required documents. 

To create a workflow and chain in the instructional video you can also link a Vidstep to other Vidsteps. Products and Services you have shown in the video list them too so that viewers can click to buy or access the perfect product.

The layout of Vidstep is designed as a “platform less platform,” which means you can place the content you create wherever you want viewers to see it.

For every Vidstep that you create and publish you’ll get a unique URL, embed code, and QR code to share your videos to another platform.

You can share your unique URL anywhere so that viewers can access it easily on your website, social media channels, products.

How To Monetize Content In Vidstep?

To get more customers and views make your content public so that anyone can access it online.  Monetize your content accordingly. In the private mode, it enables you to share it only with the particular water you identify by filling in their email addresses. 

And if you are not ready yet to make your video public. For this, you will get the option “UNLISTED”. By this only people with the specific URL or QR code can access it. Your video plays in step segments as the task is being completed.

You can use the Vidstep app for multiple purposes like business, teams, or brands. Here you can also set up multiple Hubs, which behave like channels within the workspace.

These Hubs can be for separate topics, business locations, departments, brands, products. That is useful for managing content.


With Vidstep you can deliver a vibrant and fresh video that showing your product value to your customers. It’s time to use this wonderful app and grow your business where it should be. Stand your business in this digital era, before it’s too late. 

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