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Improve your website SEO and customer experience by finding site redirects, broken links, and 404 errors. 301 redirects users from old URL to new URL. 301 Redirects user permanently. There is lots of error like misplaced URLs and landed page error or opening a different site altogether. 

But when a visitor comes to your website and gets an error webpage then it shows a 404 error. So don’t lose your customer adds value to your every page by GPS on your website that takes visitors where they want to go. 

With WP 301 Redirects you can easily optimize outgoing links, scan for broken links or links that harm your website, and automatically redirect mistyped URLs to avoid 404 errors. It recognizes broken links or redirects users to avoid errors. 

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WP 301 Redirects Lifetime Deal Appsumo

How does WP 301 Redirects Lifetime Deal work?

WP 301 Redirects controls all your sites from one single dashboard and also set up automatic redirects, manages affiliate links. Even if the visitors that miswrite your URL’s name deserve to find awesome content instead to redirect on 404 error page.

Using WP 301 Redirects scanner tool, you will be able to find broken URLs and disreputable links before you lose visitors to competitor pages. This links scanning tool is SaaS-integrated it makes it easy to automatically scan links for every webpage if broken links need to be replaced or removing bad links.

Google Safe Browsing and Alexa API integrations allow you to manage content for links to sites with a poor reputation or malware. Redirects incorrect links at the right place automatically. To identify internal broken links simply install the WP 301 redirects plugin and all those mistype URLs will be automatically redirected to the page with the same URL.

By setting some specific site browser land on the right page you can decide how sensitive your plugins are. For more complex cases you can also create manual redirects. Just search for pages you want to redirect, then add a unique destination URL, and a robust plugin will take care of the rest of things.

What WP 301 Redirects Can Do?

Recreating a site and making changes in URLs sounds like night terrors, but WP 301 Redirects makes it easier by setting up redirects instead of rebuilding all your URLs. Visitors that come to your site won’t go anywhere even if you need to update URLs or manage site links to make any changes for your company to grow.

Use the Link scanner tool to find the unnecessary links and then add in redirects to hide extra-long links for a site that actually drives traffic. It’s time to say goodbye to horrifying links and say hello to optimized SEO websites and good user experience.

Either you are working on one site or managing lots of clients together it’s important to keep an eye on your site performance. WP 301 Redirects dashboard will inform you about everything where your users are coming from, how many redirects happen each day, from which browser you are getting visitors, and more.

You can also export branded PDF reports to send clients and you can show your clients how you are fixing their site errors. The dashboard displays the logs and stats for the sites you are managing with one dashboard and easily accessible format.

WP 301 Redirects allows you to remotely monitor sites, sites’ redirects, and 404 logs, plus perform remote actions without login to separate sites. You can also make a keyless site license and install the plugin without entering a license key to boost the power of WP 301 Redirects on all your sites.

You can also customize or rebrand the plugin without touching the coding part. through brand-specific logos, plugin names, company names, URLs, and contact info that fits your business. 


A 404 error, misleading outbound links, or broken link error can damage your site and SEO rankings. All thanks to WP 301 Redirects which saves your customers and your website ranking. It’s time to take care of your site ranking.

WP 301 Redirects Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)
20 sites
5 full site scans per month
White labeling
License and site manager (remote dashboard)
Remote site control
Remote site stats

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