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Pensil is a platform for creating and running online groups, forums, cohort-based courses, and other social learning experiences. Pensil allows anyone to create a rich, engaging environment for any kind of organization, initiative, nonprofit program, or community hub.

Pensil is an easy-to-use platform for running online communities, offering flexible course management and discussion forum capabilities. Powered by the Pensil Platform, an open-source community management framework, users can create their own online communities with the tools they want. 

Or, they can use the Pensil Platform to manage communities created by others, such as online courses, discussion forums, and more. The platform is also extensible, allowing users to build their own functionality on top of the core set of features.

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Pensil Lifetime Deal Appsumo

About Pensil Lifetime Deal

Pensil is an integrable platform designed to run online communities, teach cohorts, and facilitate discussion. Pensil’s flexible architecture makes it easy to add new features, and it’s supported by a strong community of users.

Pensil allows you to easily set up your online community and helps you keep your audience engaged. It allows users to comment with a variety of reactions and join or create groups. 

Pensil lets you create your own community seamlessly, without technical or design expertise. You’ll get a custom branded section to start off with, live sessions and recordings, separate public and private sections, real-time group chats, direct messages, and more. The platform also lets you offer different types of content including announcements, events, and education.

How Does Pensil Lifetime Deal Works?

Pensil gives you the freedom to host many types of conversations. Whether you want to run a live meeting or have a post-oriented culture of commenting and discussing, Pensil will have it all. Host as many conversations as you want to conduct live events by adding multimedia capabilities, recording your meetings, choosing how to host chats from private to public.

Pensil gives you the power to build up a following and create high-quality relationships with your fans while still having complete control over what happens on the platform.

Pensil also gives you the ability to record your live interaction so that you can share them on the platform afterward. This helps create a visual depiction of what took place with your viewers and participants, regardless of whether it was audio-only or video-based.

It is a personal space where you can organize and host discussions on anything you want. You can focus on a specific topic or theme, or take a more freeform approach. Pensil is a great place to relax, play, and engage with other users. You can also use Pensil to host a freeform chat or group message or to send and receive private messages with emojis and GIFs.

Pensil’s community integration platform enables website admins to easily improve the community experience on their websites. Pensil offers an affordable and secure solution that connects the world’s top communities with simple API integration. For example, Pensil integrates with Reddit but also works with Facebook, StackOverflow, HackerNews, YouTube, Twitter, and others.

Pensil is the easiest way to create and distribute your content flow directly to your members. This is for coaches, consultants, and educators who want to take their expertise online and unify their community around a single source of content.

Conclusion: Hope you got all the details of the Pensil tool If you have any queries or doubt you can ask in the comment box.

Pensil Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($179) Tier 3 ($299)
All features above included All features above included All features above included
1 community3 communities6 communities
75 GB of storage 150 GB of storage 200 GB of storage

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