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You are overworking yourself in an attempt to tick everything off your list, as if work was not already difficult enough.

You must find a method to keep your attention on the greater picture while avoiding becoming mired down in the little things, like making appointments or taking notes.

If only you could increase your productivity with an AI-powered executive assistant that could do all of your responsibilities for you.

Record meeting minutes and action items to produce precise meeting summaries. When arranging a meeting with a large group, send a brief email or Slack message to your AI helper.

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Xembly  Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Xembly Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Obtain automated meeting notes that include video, summaries, action items created by AI, and a complete transcript. Based on your hectic schedule, Xena allows you to set up time blocks for your favourite meeting times.

To ensure you do tasks on time, you may also schedule a time for completion, get a task reminder, and locate the work on your calendar.

You can also relax knowing that nothing will go missed because any unfinished work will be carried over to the following day. Organise your tasks, set reminders, and schedule time on your calendar.

Slack, Salesforce, Asana, Jira, and other third-party apps can be connected to Xembly for incredibly seamless communication and optimized schedules.

All action items will be synchronized on your calendars at ClickUp or Notion and automatically updated to Jira or Salesforce.

You will at last have more time to work on projects that genuinely have an impact thanks to this programme that handles all of your administrative responsibilities.

How It Xembly Lifetime Deal Work?

Xembly is an AI executive assistant designed to maximise efficiency. It can handle scheduling, record meeting minutes, and organize all of your work.

Setting up a meeting with Xembly is as simple as clicking the send button. Just send a Slack message to the integrated AI assistant specifying the length, subject, and ideal window of time for your meeting.

After that, Xena, your AI assistant, will check schedules, determine the ideal time, and even provide recommendations for how to handle any issues that may arise during meetings.

Do you dislike direct messages? Meetings can be quickly scheduled or rescheduled by sending Xena an email directly, or by CCing it on an already-existing chain. Set up meetings on your calendar, by email, or over Slack.

Xena is an AI executive assistant that can take thorough meeting notes and recognize action items and the individuals assigned to them.

Sharing notes made on Xembly with other team members or stakeholders is simple when using well-known programmes like Notion, Confluence, and Google Docs. You will receive an exact note-taking summary for every meeting, even the ones you are unable to attend, courtesy of Xena!

At Last

Use an AI assistant to automate chores, notes, and scheduling in your work life. With so many activities, appointments, and meetings on your calendar, it is simple to feel overburdened.

You may accomplish more by managing schedules, taking notes during meetings, and automating related activities with Xembly’s AI executive assistant.

Increase your output to the fullest.

Xembly Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($149)Tier 3($279)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
3 users10 users25 users
15 automated meeting recording/notes per month100 automated meeting recording/notes per month125 automated meeting recording/notes per month

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