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Happierleads is a B2B marketing platform that specializes in identifying and verifying anonymous website visitors. The platform aims to convert these visitors into customers through various marketing strategies.

By uncovering the identities of anonymous users, Happierleads likely provides businesses with valuable insights and tools to engage with potential customers more effectively.

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Happierleads  Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Happierleads Lifetime Deal Can Do?

The Happierleads platform equips you with the necessary tools to monitor anonymous website traffic, revealing new potential leads and facilitating their conversion into revenue. The platform enables you to identify individuals working remotely, allowing outreach to both office and home-based professionals by utilizing both static and dynamic IP addresses.

With access to comprehensive data, you gain a deeper understanding of your leads, helping you discern their needs and preferences more effectively.

The Prospector tool provides access to a vast database comprising over 180 million decision-makers and more than 60 million companies. Within minutes, users can obtain valuable information such as contact details, job titles, annual revenue, employee range, and other relevant data, all of which can be seamlessly integrated into outreach campaigns.

When you’re ready to engage with leads, the platform allows you to effortlessly schedule email sequences, add contacts to lists, and swiftly download the necessary information.

Utilizing the Engage tool, you have the capability to automatically enroll recently identified leads into outbound campaigns and categorize them according to specific criteria.

What sets Happierleads apart is its AI functionality, which actively seeks out decision-makers and initiates contact on your behalf.

Additionally, the platform enables you to efficiently rotate between mailboxes, facilitating the scaling of cold email efforts and optimizing your team’s resources for maximum impact.

How It Happierleads Lifetime Deal Work?

With the Engage tool, you can automatically subscribe newly identified leads to outbound campaigns and segment them based on any criteria. The coolest thing about Happierleads is that the AI looks for decision-makers and reaches out to them for you!

Plus, this platform lets you rotate between mailboxes to scale cold emails and make the most of your team’s resources.

Eliminate concerns about incomplete contact information in your CRM with the built-in API that can enhance your existing data by linking to millions of data points

You have the flexibility to incorporate up to 20 attributes for each contact, spanning details like revenue, industry, and founding year.

The Enrich feature goes a step further by scanning your lists to confirm the validity of emails, distinguishing between risky and valid ones. Simply upload a CSV file or connect to the API to seamlessly leverage this functionality.

Fortunately, with the Happierleads toolkit, you can identify any visitor to your website and promptly establish email communication with them.

Conclusion :

Hope You got all the details of Happierleads if you have any query or doubt you can ask in the comment box.

Happierleads Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($138) Tier 3 ($207)
1 workspace(s)/domain(s)2 workspace(s)/domain(s)3 workspace(s)/domain(s)
1,000 credits per month2,000 credits per month3,000 credits per month
5 mailboxes10 mailboxes15 mailboxes

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