Complete Myfab11 Apk Review: Latest App Added, 50Rs Signup Bonus

Use MyFab11 Referral Code: Fab50 (Get a signup bonus of 50Rs). The only Sports Fantasy app in the past some months to get so much love and hate in a very short time. While some are earning 50,000+ daily and others are struggling to update their KYC and withdrawals details. 

Enjoy Basketball, Football matches during lockdown caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. There are still many domestic matches happening in the world that are covered exclusively on the Myfab11 app.

New Blitz Chess game mode added on 27 May-2020 which will help you in continuing your earnings.  Some Cricket, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Handball matches are lined up exclusively for Myfab11 users.

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What’s New in Myfab11 Apk-2.6.4 Version

  • Bug Fixing
  • New Logo Design
  • Rugby Sports Mode Added
  • The dream team of every match
  • Track your playing history.
  • “Find user” option allows you to search any user and check his profile
  • Updated  Super Predictor
  • Change in the transaction report.
  • Minor bug fixing.
  • Quiz, Predictor in the same section

Download The Latest MyFab11 app

Introducing Super Predictor: Download the Latest Myfab11 Apk to enjoy this update. Become a super predictor to win unlimited cash while sitting at home because of lockdown.


Key Highlights of MyFab11 App

  • New Sport- Volleyball added on {12Sept-19}
  • 100% bonus leagues for new users.
  • Paytm and Instant Bank withdrawal available
  • 50 Rs signup bonus
  • 50Rs referral bonus + 2% commission withdrawable directly in the account.
  • Unlimited refer and earn
  • Regular deposit offers.

Myfab11 Referral Code & Registration

Registration is very simple, follow these steps to get a 50Rs signup bonus.

Step -1

  • First, Either visit the Official Myfab11 Login 
  • Click on Register
  • Enter your Email Id, Password, Confirm Password
  • Verify via OTP if required.
  • MyFab11 Referral Code: Fab50 (To get signup bonus of 50Rs)

This step is for windows or IOS users as the official Myfab11 IOS app is not available.

Step -2

  • Download App from below link
  • Download: Latest Myfab11 Apk
  • MyFab11 Referral Code: Fab50 (To get signup bonus of 50Rs)
  • Simple register by submitting your basic details like – Email, Mobile, Password.
  • Verify by OTP if required.
Myfab11 Login

Residents of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, Sikkim are not allowed to participate in paid leagues.

Benefits Of Myfab11 Refer Code

There are 2 benefits.

  1. 50Rs Bonus
  2. Lifetime 2% Commission directly into winnings amount.
  3. 2% Commission is withdrawable & whenever the person you referred join a public league you will get the commission after the result declaration.

Myfab11 KYC & Withdrawal

You can withdraw the winning amount only after KYC and bank detail updation.

How To Verify KYC & Bank Details?

  • Submit your AAdhar, Pan for KYC verification.
  • To add more payment modes – Go to the KYC tab in the Myfab11 app/web.
  • Add All 3 payment modes.
  • You can pick any payment mode during the withdrawal process.
Myfab11 Withdrawal

Myfab11 Customer Care Number/Helpline

There are 3 ways to contact Myfab11:-

 *Only For Blocked Accounts * 

In case your withdrawal is pending from more than 5 days then follow these steps to contact Myfab11 support.

  • Create one message containing your transaction details.
  • Send your registered Email id, Phone number, Transaction amount, Transaction Date, Withdrawal mode – Paytm/UPI/Bank.
  • They won’t need any extra information and they will give direct updates.
  • Be gentle, Don’t be abusive.

Common Myfab11 Issues & Solutions

#1 – Account Banned

If your account is banned there are very fewer chances to unblock your account. But still, you can give a try and request them to unblock your account. There is a very high number of account bans we have noticed in the past few weeks.

There are 2 ways to appeal :

  1. Email them at ““- You can send a request via email to kindly investigate the matter and the account is banned by mistake.
  2. Send a message “Unblock My Account”  on 9903412439 from the mobile number registered on myfab11 account.

Do not experiment or try to login multiple accounts in a single device. You can just wait and watch and pray for your Myfab11 account to be live again.

#2 – KYC Not Updating –

After an update of 26th December 2019, Uploading of KYC is prohibited and you have to send your KYC details via mail at – “”.

How much time it will take? Well, it can take up to a month and we are not sure about the timeline as no information is provided by their side.

How to write an email to Myfab11 customer care? It’s simple, Open Gmail or any other mail services in which you have an account.

  • Click on (+ Compose)
  • Enter  in “to
  • In “Subject” mention “KYC details update / Bank Details Update”
  • Now, mention all your KYC details.
  • KYC include – AAdhar number + Image, Pancard Number + Image.
  • Bank Details – Paytm number, UPI VPA (GooglePay, PhonePe, Paytm UPI can be entered), Bank Details – Account Number, IFSC,  Bank Name.

*Make Sure you enter correct details, Check twice before sending the details*

#3 – Delay In Withdrawals

Frankly, Withdrawals are spot on nowadays,  And we are getting extra time than before for instant withdrawals. If you want faster withdrawals then always switch to instant withdrawals for instant money in your account. Regular withdrawals can take up to 7 days easily.

For instant withdrawals, you have to pay some charges and there are certain limitations.

  • You can withdraw up to 15,000 Rs per day in instant withdrawals.
  • Flat 10Rs will be deducted from the requested withdrawal amount. {If withdrawal amount is 1000 then you will get 1000-10 = 990}
  • Only Bank and Paytm modes are working.

 #4 – Customer Care Number

There was 2 contact number which is now discontinued and there is the only way to connect is :

  1. Myfab11 Facebook Page 
  2. Email –

There are no other ways except these, Before trying any third way make sure to confirm the authenticity of the source. Otherwise, You might lose your account and money.

#5 – Deposit Money Not Showing

Many users are facing issues with deposits. I request you to deposit via Paytm, Net Banking if possible.

  • Deposit Via Paytm/net banking if possible.
  • Deposit in Early Morning/ Late Night to avoid deposit surge.
  • Do not click anywhere, Until the transaction is completed.
  • Keep the screen active, Avoid auto-lock of your smartphone.
  • Wait For some time, Close the Myfab11 app and open it again.

Common Question & Answers (FAQ)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”Is Myfab11 Safe?” answer-0=”Absolutely. Myfab11 is safe and reliable you just have to wait for complete verification of your account. There are various social media platforms where you can find official Myfab11 related updates” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”What are the instant withdrawal charges?” answer-1=”Instant withdrawal charges are imposed if you opt for instant withdrawal. You will be charged Flat 10 & 12 Rs for Bank & Paytm withdrawal respectively. No charges for regular withdrawals.” image-1=””  headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Who is the owner of Myfab11?” answer-2=”Name is not confirmed, But the owner is most probably from West Bengal.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”How much time instant withdrawal takes?” answer-3=”Some minutes or max to max some hours. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”What is the Myfab11 Referral Code ?” answer-4=”Get 50Rs Bonus – Use MyFab11 Referral Code: 242985b521d898d3f0 ” image-4=”” headline-5=”h4″ question-5=”Is Myfab11 IOS app available?” answer-5=”No, Only Android App is available. IOS or windows users can access the web version of Myfab11.” image-5=”” count=”6″ html=”true” css_class=””]

How To Join Leagues?

There usually are 2-5 sports modes like Cricket; Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Hockey available depends on the available international and domestic matches.

  1. Pick any sports mode you are interested in.
  2. Choose from Classic/ Fivestar/ Def mode.
  3. By default – Classic mode is selected.
  4. Click on create the team.
  5. Join the desired amount of league.

How To Create Myfab11 Team / Selection Criteria

I will explain to you the process of team creation of the available sports mode.


Right now, there are three types of modes available in football matches.

Complete Myfab11 Apk Review: Latest App Added, 50Rs Signup Bonus 1

Classic – Regular 11 man team

You can pick Maximum 7 players from a team.

  • 1Goal Keeper
  • 3-5 Defenders
  • 3-5 Mid-Fielders
  • 1-3 Forwards
  • Pick C, VC (C gets 2x, VC gets 1.5x )

Defense – 5 Man team of defenders only 

You can pick Maximum 3 players from a team.

  • 1Goal Keeper
  • 4 Defenders
  • Pick C, VC (C gets 2x, VC gets 1.5x )

Striker – 5 man team of strikers

You can pick Maximum 3 players from a team.

  • Pick 0-5 Mid-fielders
  • Pick 0-5 Forwards
  • Pick C, VC (C gets 2x, VC gets 1.5x )


Right now, there are two types of modes available in football matches.

Classic – Regular 8 men team

You can pick a maximum of 5 players from a single team.

  • Pick 1 – 4 PG
  • Pick 1-4 SG
  • Pick 1-4 SF
  • Pick 1-4 PF
  • Pick 1 C
  • Pick C, VC (C gets 2x, VC gets 1.5x )

Fivestar – Max 5 players, 1 from Each Department

You have to pick a maximum of 5 players, 1 from every department.

  • Pick 1  PG
  • Pick 1 SG
  • Pick 1 SF
  • Pick 1PF
  • Pick 1 C
  • Pick C, VC (C gets 2x, VC gets 1.5x )

Handball (Classic 7 Players)

You can pick a maximum of 5 players from a single team.

  • 1 Goal Keeper
  • 2-4 Defenders
  • 2-4 Forwards

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