($99)ExpoSim Lifetime Deal AppSumo

ExpoSim Lifetime Deal

Host interactive, real-time, dynamic virtual events with engagement analytics. Limited technology not only turns off attendees, but also makes it difficult to plan hybrid events with multiple moving parts. Consider if there was a solution that made it simple and hassle-free to host original virtual … Read more

($39)StoryShots Lifetime Deal AppSumo

StoryShots Lifetime Deal

StoryShots, the revolutionary microlearning app, is changing the way people learn by providing thousands of text, audio, and animated summaries of books. These summaries allow users to quickly and easily gain the core knowledge of books in a fraction of the time.  StoryShots not only … Read more

($59)Partenero Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Partenero Lifetime Deal

Simplify customer success management, and locate expansion chances with Partenero. In addition to time being wasted manually managing all of your customer data, KPIs, and actions across various spreadsheets, details are sliding through the gaps. To drive consumers through your funnel, you need a customer … Read more

($59)Cubicl Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Cubicl Lifetime Deal

Cubicl is an all-in-one task management platform that helps you stay organized and productive. With Cubicl, you can easily create tasks, track progress, assign tasks to team members, and manage projects.  It’s designed so teams can collaborate, communicate, and keep track of their work. The … Read more

($69)illow Lifetime Deal AppSumo

illow Lifetime Deal

Use a cookie banner to make your personal information safe. Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer to guide you through the complexities of online privacy law is out of your price range. If only there existed a platform that, with just a few clicks, could instantly resolve … Read more

($49)Viima Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Viima Lifetime Deal

Viima is the perfect solution to help you and your team turn ideas into actionable steps. It is an all-in-one innovation platform that combines real-time idea collection with feedback and collaboration tools to help you turn your ideas into reality.  With Viima, teams can manage … Read more

($69)Selzy Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Selzy Lifetime Deal

With authorizes, create effective email campaigns and increase deliverability. However, you’ve been exercising your brains for months to come up with an easy way to increase your deliverability. Selzy could execute email campaigns that were delivered to recipients’ inboxes thanks to an email marketing platform. … Read more

($49)GetShow Lifetime Deal AppSumo

GetShow Lifetime Deal

GetShow is the industry leader in interactive video marketing. Our unique platform provides businesses with a comprehensive solution that enables them to create, deploy, and analyze interactive video content.  The GetShow video platform upgrades your marketing campaigns by converting traffic into leads and qualifying them … Read more

($69)chopcast Lifetime Deal AppSumo

chopcast Lifetime Deal

Chopcast is a revolutionary tool for content creators looking to maximize their reach on social media. It allows users to create sharable clips from their long-form videos with ease and precision.  The platform’s intuitive user interface allows creators to quickly and easily select the best … Read more

($69)MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal AppSumo

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal

Using a WordPress plugin, create and market interactive online courses. Finding support materials online and spending hours watching YouTube videos doesn’t make using a challenging course builder any simpler. MasterStudy LMS could create an online course without ever leaving WordPress, complete with tests, diplomas, and … Read more